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Sheraton Hotel and Towers--Chicago Theater

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Will be attending a conference, staying at Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Going to the Chicago Theater Monday night for a special show that ends at 9PM.

Have heard that we can walk to and from the theater.

Any good place to get a drink or some light snacks on our walk back to the hotel after the show??


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  1. Yes you can walk, it's about 10 minutes.
    Lots of options on the way back, Crimson Lounge at Sax Hotel next to House of Blues, Ten Pin (it's a fancy bowling alley with very good cocktails and food), China Grill on Michigan Ave @ South Water. Not tried it, but there's a new wine, cheese, chocolate bar at the Intercontinental hotel. Finally, a slight (5 minute) detour will take you to Rockit! Bar and Grill--one of my favorites on Hubbard and Dearborn. There's a bunch more bars on hubbard too.