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Nov 1, 2007 06:52 AM


We lunched at Cochon again and I have to say that few places can match Cochon for what it is: a modern, casual, inviting place with no pretentiousness whatsoever . . . a place with a great bar, a good wine list, and dedicated to PIG, serving everything but the squeal . . . .

The appetitzers, the salads, the entrees -- all show a care and understanding of ingredients, their interactions, and their complimentry pairings that would be right at home in a far fancier, far more "snooty" environment . . . but is just perfect here! You don't necessarily need that last bite, but you want it, and it's a shame to waste it, and . . .

Each time we eat here, we leave full and happy, and vowing to come back as soon as we can!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel...I can't wait to get back to N.O. It will be my first stop. Probably before I even check in to my hotel. Mirliton salad, head cheese, pate, and pig's ear. Two yums up!

    Could it be possible that their excellent service makes the excellent food EVEN better?

    1. Glad that you enjoyed. I've only had dinner there, but am glad (though not surprised), that lunch was good, as well. Now, if they'd just kick up the stemware a notch, it'd be perfect. [Grin]


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Bill I enjoy reading your posts. You and your stemware give me a giggle.

        1. re: southerngal

          Thanks for the kind words. I am starting to feel that my loving wife is correct - I am anal with regards to wine stemware. However, I feel that it is part of a full wine service and should never be overlooked by the restaurant.

          Usually, with a few requests, I can get the "good glasses," but in the Deep South, I am often out of luck. Something, that is often an afterthought, can definitely take my dining experiences to another level. It isn't cheap, with regards to investment, plus the overhead to clean them and breakage, but I feel that the glasses are important.

          Maybe I should take up another "cause," and leave this one for later!


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Been carrying my Riedels for many years, thus no worries

        2. re: Bill Hunt

          Maybe I'm gettin old, but their hard chairs don't exactly say "stay a long time."

          1. re: Hungry4Good

            Yes, the chairs were the closest that I could come to finding something "wrong" with Cochon. However, the food and service soon made me forget about them.


            1. re: Hungry4Good

              I agree about the wood chairs. I complained about them the first time I went and said it is like sitting on a picnic bench, how would a cushion ruin the ambiance. Old or not they are uncomfortable.

              1. re: Tonto

                So true... totally out of balance with the food quality. Like fast food chairs.

                1. re: Hungry4Good

                  Funny how people notice different things. We loved the place and I don't even remember the chairs.

          2. I was lucky enough to have sampled their "guinea hog" in June. I don't know how many people tried it, but It was the most meltingly incredible pig I ever tasted. The hostess now tells me they may or may not have it again which is really disappointing to my "eating group" and me. If they ever have it, you gotta get it.

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            1. re: Hungry4Good

              I mentioned this in another post, but my server let me know that they had been "experimenting" with pork as a dessert and/or dessert topping. Let's all do our part and get them to let the cat out of the bag.

              1. re: Hungry4Good

                I missed the earlier comments on this dish, and did not see it, when we were last there. What is the "guinea hog?"


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Donald Link was did a short piece on TV (don't remember the show) about guinea hog last spring, so I was excited to go and try it. I must have gotten about the last of it (for that time) in June. It was a special that night. I have written to the restaurant asking about whether they would have it again but haven't heard back. This pork is so tasty and "meltaway" you won't believe it.

              2. I heard from the guinea hog farmer recently and she is expecting to do her 2nd harvest soon. Look for more guinea in the near future. Maybe you should ask someone at Cochon to call you when they get some.

                I, too, am a big Cochon fan. After my 1st dinner there, I said, "How did we live without this restaurant for so long"?

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                1. My husband and I just returned from NOLA and our first dinner was at Cochon. It was unexpectedly the best meal we had all weekend. From the bocherie plate to the "Cochon" there was not a morsel left on a single plate. The atmosphere was casual, modern and fun, while still retaining a very NOLA feel. Don't miss it. Anyone who loves the pig will love Cochon.