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Nov 1, 2007 06:30 AM

All GAME tasting menu?!

I remember years ago, a friend drove me to a ski resort outside of Toronto where I was introduced to an all game multicourse dinner, cooked by a kitchen run by a Chinese chef. The meal included swan, elk, venison, wild boar, bison and pheasant.... to name a few. Since then, I have had individual plates of venison, elk, wild boar and the ever popular bison at Scaramouche, George, Splendido and Perigee etc., Question - Any fellow CH heard of any Toronto restaurant planning to serve an All game or at least predominantly game tasting menu in the near future?

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  1. A lot of chefs, if approached, would be more than willing to serve you an all-game tasting menu if you were willing to pay the price.

    However, game is not something that appeals to a wide range of diners. Therefore, restaurants don't feature it, let alone create entire tasting menus around it (at least, not permanently). But as you and I know (and chefs know), game can be some of the tastiest food imaginable if you're willing to just try it.

    Mark Thuet loves game, and always has a bunch of game dishes on his menus which are usually fabulous. If I approached, I bet he'd be keen on hooking you up. Same goes with Didier.

    Speaking of Thuet, there is a game terrine on the menu right now that is fantastic that you may wish to try. And his Alsatian Choucroutes are awesome and he has an elk dish currently that I've had before that you must try. Foie, bison, venison, squab, etc. are commonly scattered throughout his cuisine.

    When George first opened, the menu was full of game and "ugly cuts" of meats (chef being British) but that quickly changed. It was glorious while it lasted, though. Celestin used to be the same, but no more. :( A lot of times, you're lucky to find a sweetbread or two.

    1. you peaked my curiousity mr. yu and so i did a quick google to see if anything interesting came up.
      "Wild game menu, featuring Musk Ox, Ostrich, Venison, is presented every last week of every month in addition to the standard month. The quaint space bodes well for romantics or epicurists!"
      the website does note they have a new chef (formerly Fawzi Kotb who is at opal) and i'm unsure if that would mean a discontinuation of such a monthly event. they may also be limited in the variety they can offer.
      notes that Chef Fawzi Kotb has continued this game menu at opal... which means you may have *just* missed it.

      outside of gta....

      nov 6th in nobleton
      "This is always a popular event. Each Fall Daniel creates a special game menu to showcase the wonderful flavours of game meats to fans and novices alike."
      at $65 this seems like a steal, but of course you have to go the extra distance to nobleton

      other than that... you'll either have to travel to nyc or vancouver/western provinces to get a variety of game menus.

      1. That ski resort may have been in the Blue Mountains on Georgian Bay. The resorts there often have a special bus trip to the Range Road Diner where they specialize in game meats every day. Being an everyday item for them means that they've figured out how to cook the meats successfully. I dropped by this summer and had a fantastic bison steak! You can find a review and map here:

        1. I think Trattoria da Gianni e Maria used to serve a Game menu this time of year. Maybe not a tasting menu, but a prix fixe of some sort. They still have a venison risotto and hunter's antipasti on their regular menu.

          1. Can anyone here let me know what "game menu" means exactly, as opposed to "tasting menu"? I googled, but had not much luck. Thanks in advance!

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              I just found it:

              Game is any animal hunted for food or not normally domesticated (such as venison). Game animals are also hunted for sport.

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                It would be an interesting concept if you could only eat what you catch yourself.