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Nov 1, 2007 05:28 AM

Silvo Gehakt spice, dutch spice for ground beef - know where to get it?

My Grandmother made the best ever meatball soup and now that she's in a nursing home, i want to make it since she can't. I know there's dutch grocers in Burlington, and St.Catharines, but i'm hoping someone knows where to purchase Silvo spices in Toronto.
Thanks! :}

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  1. House of Spice on Augusta? This is a guess, so probably best to call first. They do have some Indonesian spices that appear to be labelled for the Dutch market.

    1. The Holland Store (2542 Weston Road) 100% guaranteed has Silvo spices.

      1. Reither's on Church St. might have the spices. There are a lot of Dutch and German imported foodstuffs there.

        1. Dutch Dreams at Bathurst and St Clair might have them - they import all kinds of Dutch goodies.