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Nov 1, 2007 03:55 AM

NYTimes: Does the recipe match the video??

I was intrigued by the article on NewOrleans chef, John Besh and watched his video for Pork Grillades and Grits, which looked phenomenal...then i went to check out the actual recipe which was so off from the video it was scary...instead of using an "Reasonable" amout of fat, as Besh did in the video, the recipe calls a total of 4 CUPS OF FAT....come on! ....i'm curious if anyone else has seen the video and compared it to the recipe.

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  1. The recipe I read (unless I missed something) called for 2 cups of canola and one cup of butter or chicken fat. While I can see that much fat being called for in a rich roux, using 2 CUPS of canola oil to brown pork seems insane. I wonder if it's a typo?

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      right?! i thought it was just me....