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Nov 1, 2007 03:23 AM

[Dublin] Getting a turkey and other Thanksgiving foods

I'm planning of creating a Thanksgiving feast, and was wondering if anyone knows where I can order a turkey from.

Other things I am looking for:
canned pumpkin for pie
pie shells

Any other Thanksgiving suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. What about Cranberries?

    1. Getting desperate here--help me find a decent turkey!

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      1. re: Lina

        Hi Lina,

        I don't live in Ireland, so my answer is a little general. But I found Sainsbury's to be a great resource. I got my Thanksgiving supplies at Sainsbury's last year. I got a frozen turkey, fresh cranberries, and even a fresh pumpkin.

        The nice thing about Sainsburys is that they deliver so if you're car-less, as I am, it's easy to get all of your ingredients in one go. Their website for delivery is

        Hope that helps a bit!

      2. Hi Lina-

        I don't live in Ireland either, but we called around a list of good organic butchers our first year here to find one who would supply us with a turkey before the "turkey rush" of Christmas. We had no problem ordering one, and our local grocery would have done the same (granted, we're in Central London, so it's a bit easier).

        I found most Thanksgiving basics at Waitrose or Tesco, with a few "speciality" items (tinned pumpkin, Karo corn syrup, Crisco) at Selfridges.

        This year I brought back a number of bags of pecans from Trader Joe's in the States because that's always been the hardest thing for me to source economically. Pecans for stuffing, pecan pie, and spiced pecans almost broke the bank last year!

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          I'm not sure where you live, but I got pecans with no problem the other day at my local Waitrose.

          1. re: zuriga1

            I'm in central London, and yes, I've bought pecans at Waitrose with no issue before. But little bitty bags...not Trader Joe's size...and for the aforementioned pecan pie, stuffing with pecans, and sugar spiced pecans (our traditional holiday gift to friends) it's impossible to get the needed quantity without breaking the bank.

            I would kill to find somewhere in central London to find BULK foods. Whole Foods...OK...but that's not exactly cheap.

            1. re: KaCHing

              KaCHing, I saw a shop mentioned on the TV the other day that might interest you. There's a place called UnPackaged at:
              42 Amwell Street
              EC1R 1XT

              It's not technically a bulk bin place, but it works the same way. It's all food and items sold in bins sans-packaging that you pick and weigh yourself (except here the point is to bring your own bags and containers to reduce landfill waste, and to avoid corporate branding/logos/marketing). I haven't been yet, so I have no idea how good it is. But I plan to go tomorrow, and I thought that might interest you if you want bulk foods.

              I'll let you know how the trip goes and if it's close to American-style bulk bin shopping.

              1. re: misswills

                yes please, do report back. that's not that far from my 'hood, so if it's worth a trip, I'd love to know.

        2. Lina - I have tried for years to get pumpkin for pies, which is not possible in Ireland - I'd recommend that you try Fallon and Byrne next to the International Bar off of Georges Street, as they have some american things, e.g. grits and some aunt jemima products. You may be able to ask them to order Libbys' canned pumpkin pie mix (which my mother and growing up in the states, I also recommend). You can also get pecans there is small packets, which are quite reasonably priced.
          If you do get some, please let me know.

          1. Am having my brother mule some pumpkin over for me. As for the Turkey, ordered one from Peter Byrne's butchers at 91 Lower Camden St (476-1746). I called a bunch of places and they were definitely the nicest and the cheapest. Still, 2.70 EUR a pound, so going to end up being $60 for a 15 pound turkey. Ouch!

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              hi! you can find canned pumpkin at donnybrook fair in donnybrook, just bought three cans the other day. and superquinn is pretty good for carrying the cranberries etc...happy thanksgiving!