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Oct 31, 2007 10:52 PM

Best Mexican spots in Scottsdale area

I'm working near the Fashion Square Mall all next week. What's some great, authentic Mexican spots in the nearby area?

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  1. Off the top of my head and somewhat nearby...

    Los Sombreros
    La Fonda
    Los Olivos
    Frank and Lupe's
    Acapulco Bay

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    1. re: HomeCookKirsten

      I know quite a few people that grew up in Scottsdale and have some kind of sentimental connection to Los Olivos. Not having this "blurred vision", can someone explain to me the draw? I've always found the food to be mediocre.

      1. re: azhotdish

        It's the sentimental connection and, for our young little valley, the history. Barry Goldwater used to eat at Los Olivos ... Monti's, El Chorro, Durant's, Sing High, La Perla ... some of them have better food than the others, but they all offer a sense of ... place -- a place where Janet Leigh may have stopped for a drink before lamming it with the cash ...

        1. re: azhotdish

          Very simple, Los Olivos margaritas have the impact of a taser on someone with a bad heart!

          Don't taze me Bro!

          Mexican food preferences are a bit like beer preferences. I like a milk stout while you might like an IPA. Have not had a bad meal at Los Olivos, but it has been a about a year since I visited as I am working on trying to see the bathroom scale readout without the use of a hand mirror.

      2. not too familiar with south scottsdale, but if you venture to n. scottsdale, my list of favs are..

        Cantina Laredo
        Los Olivos

        i can possibly keep going back and i dont go out of the way for mexican food as a preference

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        1. re: fastnoypi

          Frank and Lupe was plugged by Bobby Flay on the Food Network for all it's worth. For me, I don't understand all the rave for Los Olivos. Cantina Laredo's guacamole is really good, they make it at your table and they're not even close in the price range of the others. There is also this little hole in the wall in North Mesa/Tempe called Susies, I know it is not in Scottsdale, but it isn't that far away.

        2. I think Los Sombreros is the best bang for the buck, quality of food in a very wide radius. It's two miles South of Fashion Square. They're *not* open for lunch.

          New Mexican style options are Frank and Lupe's and Carlsbad Tavern. I lean slightly toward Carlsbad Tavern, but, it's a close call, and if you think you might like stacked enchiladas with an egg, go to Frank and Lupe's.

          I *would* go to Los Olivos for a lunch special, if the location is convenient.

          I would *not* go to North Scottdale, if you decide to venture out in search of the better Mexican food the area has to offer. Many areas of Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, are just as easy to access, and have far better options.

          1. TeePee Mexican food on 40th St and Indian School is also a good old local joint. Pretty typical selection but the salsa is pretty good and and the rita's are cheap.
            Alot of people take out of towners there. the President has eaten there, but don't hold that against the place. It's just a fun casual inexpensive restaraunt.

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            1. re: kmarg

              kmarq...whenever we need a bubbling hot, cheesey, mexican fix...TeePee is our favorite stand by.
              You wont find a better kitschy old time phoenix mexican restaurant...
              It's great for what it is!

              1. re: ciaogal

                completely agree, just got back from there, two ceese enchiladas and rice. $6 of artery clogging goodness ....