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New Gourmet dessert truck????????

I saw a fancy new looking dessert truck, called "dessert truck" on 8th and university place tonight but it had just closed for business, has anyone checked it out yet? Its menu looked pretty adventurous......all items were $5.

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  1. It was on eater.com. Picture it: the Mud Truck and Dessert Truck side by side . . .

    1. No, I want to see the Treats Truck vs. Dessert Truck battle!


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      1. re: kathryn

        kathryn, I was thinking coffee and dessert . . .What's the Treats Truck?

      2. Funny, last night I saw a new truck right by where the Mud Truck usually parks on 8th and 4th Ave (right by the Astor Place subway stop). They sold wafels.

        1. I still have yet to track down the Treats Truck and now there's a new one?!?

          1. I just tried the chocolate bread pudding with the bacon creme anglaise. Awesome, especially for $5!!

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                We had the chocolate bread pudding Friday night, delicious. We skipped the bacon creme anglaise. We didn't get to try the creme brulee, they were out. Can't wait to return when it's not raining and work my way through the menu!

              2. Friday night we visited the Dessert Truck again and tried the molten chocolate cake with a liquid ganache center, sea salt, roasted pistachios and a hint of olive oil. The coarse salt and chocolate combination was delicious. I may need to salt my dark chocolate now . . .

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                  Just tried the chocolate cake with salt. Top notch. Superior to the Adult Chocolate Pudding at the recently opened Chikalicious Puddin for the same price.

                2. On my radar-will report back soon...

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                    So I'm driving home last night at 11:30PM after Yakitori Totto and 2 slices of Joe's and I'm thinking Hershey's bar or 3 Musketeers when I see bright lights on University off 8th street. Holy $%&*#! Warm chocolate bread pudding with creme anglais for $5??!!! I'm sold. Delish. We should line up the Dessert Truck, the Mud Truck, Mister Softee, the Super Taco Truck and Jianetto's Pizza Truck and have a Thanksgiving Day parade.

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                      good idea! let's throw in the daisy may's cart and that UWS waffle truck too...

                      1. re: kam0424

                        whoa...Daisy May's yes (though the carts are no more and this is a "truck" parade). But what is the Waffle Truck??????!!!!!

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                          I saw the Waffle Truck in front of Trader Joe's at Union Square. The folks appear to be Belgian. Haven't tried the waffles yet. Seeing the truck made me long for Brussels and Brugge with escargot on the street corners, french fries and mayonnaise, great beer . . . Apparently the Waffle Truck has a web site that indicates where they will be. Anyone had them? Please report.

                  2. Yeah tried choc bread pud with bacon anglais, didnt taste bacon at all! did anyone? but was good and i will try a different one next time i see it, nice guys that run it, hope they change their menu regularly

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                      bullseal, I believe the menu says "upon request." Did you request it? If not, it was creme anglaise sans bacon.

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                        financialdistrictresident, yeah i requested the bacon and didn't taste it, i do the same thing for an icecream with maple bacon and banana and you dont really taste the bacon unless you looking for it, little bit of a sodium hint but i didnt get it not to say the dessert wasnt very good, and a great deal. You had it? got bacon flavour? maybe they did miss my request for it, who know but i be back next time i see them.

                        1. re: bullseal

                          bullseal, I don't eat red meat so I didn't get the bacon version. :)

                    2. Treats Truck is so good. It will destroy all of the others, I'm afraid. It might mean drive-bys, the streets littered with brownies.

                      1. I was there last Thursday. My friend got the chocolate bread pudding with the bacon creme anglaise. I had the daily special pavlova with cream and fresh berries. I didn't care for the bread pudding, which tasted more like a pudding sans the chewy texture of bread that I love in bread pudding. But the pavlova was ridiculously good, especially delicious eaten al fresco on a warm night in Washington Sq. Park. I'm totally hooked on the dessert, and I had to make myself an entire batch over the weekend to curb my craving. Next on my list: the molten chocolate cake with sea salt and olive oil.