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Oct 31, 2007 10:49 PM

New Gourmet dessert truck????????

I saw a fancy new looking dessert truck, called "dessert truck" on 8th and university place tonight but it had just closed for business, has anyone checked it out yet? Its menu looked pretty adventurous......all items were $5.

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  1. It was on eater.com. Picture it: the Mud Truck and Dessert Truck side by side . . .

    1. No, I want to see the Treats Truck vs. Dessert Truck battle!


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      1. re: kathryn

        kathryn, I was thinking coffee and dessert . . .What's the Treats Truck?

      2. Funny, last night I saw a new truck right by where the Mud Truck usually parks on 8th and 4th Ave (right by the Astor Place subway stop). They sold wafels.

        1. I still have yet to track down the Treats Truck and now there's a new one?!?

          1. I just tried the chocolate bread pudding with the bacon creme anglaise. Awesome, especially for $5!!

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              1. re: streamwise

                We had the chocolate bread pudding Friday night, delicious. We skipped the bacon creme anglaise. We didn't get to try the creme brulee, they were out. Can't wait to return when it's not raining and work my way through the menu!