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Oct 31, 2007 10:46 PM

Dovies ? . Info needed please...

Greetings All !

Family event scheduled in two weeks with large group at Dovies in Addison.

Any member info on menu / style / atmosphere / temperature / recommendations / avoids, etc. would be SUPER appreciated.

Family is well meaning but clueless and it would serve me well to know if I need to take a Clif Bar in my pocket or not eat for the whole day prior.

The website provided by Dear Old Mom is a GoDaddy placeholder and experience has shown you can't trust what they tell you on the phone.

Rev. D.

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  1. It's a casual upscale environment. Very cozy and inviting. I went there several years ago and remember the crab fingers in butter as the highlight. They were catering a large group so our table was overlooked. Had a steak that was inedible and had many service flaws. I will chalk it up to the large group that took priority over my visit, but since you will be with a group you guys should be alright.

    The steak I had was overcooked (requested medium) to the point where the steak looked gray in color. Tried to send it back to the kitchen, but the server never came around. Took the steak home and fed it to the dog. This was the only time my dog ever chewed on a piece of beef. Usually he just opens the hatchet and gulps, but the steak was so dried out he actually had to chew a few times before swallowing. Other people at my table enjoyed their dishes. I was the only exception.

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      Last time I went it was not good.

    2. I'd have to "third" adkim and Analisa's mom... I didn't have steak, but someone else did and had to send it back...Twice! None of the rest of us were impressed with our chioces He finally just had another appeitizer. Naturally, we wanted to waiit for him to receive his entree before we dug in and that always throws off the pacing of the meal.

      1. Thanks to all - the 'Hounds really know their stuff...

        Dovies has since closed... those bad service / lousy food reports were right on the money.

        We are now going to have the family event at a Macaroni's Grill - chain, but hopefully reliable.

        Thanks Again to all who posted & warned about this place.

        More posts to follow about places I've found here in the Galveston area & how they strike me...


        1. Super thanks to all 3 'Hounds who posted... you really know your stuff and in a way predicted the future.

          Dovies closed three days after the final post I received.

          The "my dog even had to chew the steak" was the best.

          More posts to come about the Galveston area eateries that my 'Hound roomie and I have found and how they strike us - he is former restaurant trade worker / manager so we should be able to post some pretty well rounded reviews.

          Peaxe and Thanks Again,

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            I called this restaurant last night. I spoke to the owner that said that they are still open.