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Oct 31, 2007 10:07 PM

Vitello's Studio City

Recently I re-discovered this 'old friend', and was really blown away by how well-run this place has become. It has an ambiance unlike anything else I have found here in LA...and reminds me more of a Chicago or NY neighborhood vibe. Locals seem to thrive on just going there to let go and have fun. The more the 'red', the louder it can get..but the high ceilings absorb even the most 'fun customers' chatter. The little stretch of Tujunga it sits on seems to be lost (thankfully) to touristas.
The minestrone is excellent, and most of the entrees (like veal and pasta dishes) are first-rate.
But the thing that impresses most, is the fact the people who run it are all over even the slightest problem. One night my meat sauce was slightly salty, and the manager rushed the dish into the kitchen..tasted the sauce himself (said he agreed), and brought me something much better..with an offer of a free dessert.
Their 'care factor' is not something I've run into much anywhere else.
I like it.


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  1. I live right around the corner, so I adore that whole Tujunga strip. However, I've been to Vitello's three times now and each time have been massively disappointed. I like the atmosphere, but the chicken parm was SO greasy and heavily breaded. Then, the pasta arrabiata was a small portion, with not much imagination to the sauce.

    What have you tried that you like? Is there something I'm missing??

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      Good point..Don't care for their chicken parm, either...veal picata is very nice though (portion could impove), and the minestrone is excellent..I think they have a nice white fish wife loves their ricotta cheesecake.


    2. Have grown up with vitello's ever since it was across the street where that new pizza place is now...speaking of Pizza I really think Vitello's has the best pizza in the area. When I visit my folks on occasion I'll suggest picking up a pie from Vitello's.
      I've also had their linguine and clams, chicken parm and baked ricotta.
      I always come back for the pizza.