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Oct 31, 2007 09:16 PM

Apple Pie recipes?

I just bought a whole bunch of granny smiths and golden delicious apples with the intent of making an apple pie, but I've never made an apple pie before. Does anyone have a great recipe that they recommend (I'm scared of getting apple soup)? Also, I forgot to get lemons so would bottled be alright or should I just not put it in. I've made pies before so even complicated recipes would be great, thanks so much.

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    1. For apple pie, I usually use a basic recipe like Joy of Cooking as a guid and modify from there. Slice the apples and toss with lemon juice if you have it. Bottled is fine. Coat with a mixture of flour, sugar, cinnamon, sometimes nutmeg and ginger. I usually use enough flour so the pieces are lightly coated and sugar depending on how sweet the apples are. Put them in a crust until they are piled high because they cook down. Dot with butter. I prefer a crumb crust of flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, and maybe nuts - add butter til its crumbly. Bake at 350

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          This one looks really interesting - lots of great reviews. One person said they skipped the bottom crust and it was still very good. Because I have a crust-making-phobia, I'm leaning towards this recipe.

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            you can do it! don't skip the bottom crust!

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              Thank you all for your help. It's baking in the oven right now. Thanks Cynsa, I was looking for an old board but after mucking through old boards for 10 minutes without finding the one i needed, I decided to make one myself. I certainly will try the crumb crust pie next time, and I did use bottled lemon juice. I did however, forget to dot the pie with butter and I wonder, what exactly does that do?

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              Crust making phobia? It's very easy to get over this phobia. It's easiest if you have a food processor (a big one, not a mini prep, and definitely not a blender).

              - In the food processor:

              11 Tablespoons of cold butter, cut up (doesn't have to be too big - I'll usually cut a stick into about 8 pieces)
              2 cups of flour (sifted is better, but skip it if you're afraid of sifting, or just pour it through a simple strainer)
              1 pinch of salt
              2 T of sugar

              Mix in food processor. Then, with the food processor running, pour cold water in the top very slowly, maybe about 1/4 cup of water, but don't measure. Instead, keep pouring in a slow, steady stream until your dough starts turning into chunks and turns into a ball. That's right, your dough will turn into a ball in your food processor and that means it's done.

              - Not in the food processor: Take out your stress on the dough! Put the above amounts of flour, salt, and butter into a bowl. Mush with your fingers until you have it in little, flakey bits. Sprinkle sugar on it and mush around again. Pour in cold water until you have a smooth, silky feeling dough.

              - Rest of the pie recipe:

              Coat dough with a thin layer of flour and wrap it in wax paper. Put the dough in the fridge for 20-30 minutes, and then take out a little more than half of it and roll it out on a floured surface with a floured rolling pin. Place it in a buttered/floured pie dish and prick it full of pricks with a fork. You can weight it down with a sheet of wax/parchment paper and dry beans if you want, and bake it at 425 for about 12 minutes before you add your insides. You can also skip weighting it; I don't really care if it slips down the sides a little; I just make up for it later with patches of dough.

              To fill your pie: Coat the bottom in about 1/8 inch thick mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Layer in thinly sliced, peeled chunks of apple that have been coated with lemon juice. Every inch or so, add a sprinkled layer of cinnamon sugar and some dots of butter. Keep going until you have a really high mound of apples.

              Take the rest of your crust out of the fridge. Roll it out like the last batch. Cut some fun shapes and slits into it. Place it on your pie and press down the edges. Rub the top with some dabs of butter here and there and sprinkle more cinnamon sugar on it. Place the pie onto a baking sheet to catch any drips. Bake at 415 or so for about 20 minutes, and then turn it down to about 380 for about another 40 minutes. It's done when the apples are soft and juices are bubbling up or out.

              I impressed my boyfriend's mother with this pie (used tart heirloom apples, though) a few days ago. The recipe is a mixture of influences from Julia Child, my mother, my grandmother, and me.

              Variations: Add sliced quince or fresh ginger or a few thinly sliced dried apricots to the pie. Or: add ground nuts or lemon zest to the crust. Or: stick a few cranberries in the pie with the apples for Thanksgiving. Or a combination of any of the above. I'm somewhat of a purist, but I do like doing the lemon zest.