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Oct 31, 2007 08:15 PM

Visiting Silver Spring/DC - Need Recs for Great Places to Go

Hello, You all come from a very exciting part of the world. I assume that also extends to the "Chow". I am visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Silver Spring this weekend. We have wheels so reasonable travel is also possible. They do not eat meat. I do. They do eat fish.

Please tell me about great places for lunch, dinner and maybe even brunch on Sunday. All foods and while I would not say that money is no object, value for money is most important to me.

Are you allowed to bring your own wine to restaurants in the area? Are there any great wine stores selling U.S. wines you can recommend?


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  1. Dim sum at Oriental East on Sunday morning. Get there at 10:30 so you get in for the first seating at 11.

    1. The wine rules are different for each jurisdiction (Maryland, DC, Virginia). I know you can bring your own into DC restaurants but will probably have to pay a corkage fee, need to check with establishment. You can search this board for this topic to get some suggestions.

      There are a couple of good stores in DC where they do not have to buy from the local governments’ distributor-
      Schneiders’s Of Capitol Hill
      Calvert Woodley

      As far as food recs go, are there specific areas you will be visiting? There are several chains on this board for vegetarian establishments.

      1. If you like latin american food, you should try Samantha's in silver spring.

        Despite what the Post says, it is Salvadoran cuisine, not Mexican. Try the fried yucca with chicharron! And all the pupusas are awesome. For fish lovers, the trout is excellent.

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          I second Samantha's and just yesterday, someone here reviewed the new place Nicaro and it sounds fantastic. Here: We are planning to try it this weekend. And here: Ray's the Classics is known for great steak, but I can vouch for the excellence of the fish. Though I know some people who don't eat meat don't even like to be around it. In DC but not too far from Silver Spring - Palena (Connecticut Ave in the Cleveland Park area).

        2. If you like ethnic food, I recommend trying the Mandalay which is a Burmese restaurant in downtown Silver Spring. I believe it's on Bonifant. There are lots of vegetarian options.. The place is not fancy, but pleasant - the emphasis is on the food. Also, there's a choice of spice level, and believe me, the hot level is really hot!

          And no, you can't bring your own wine to restaurants in Montgomery County, where Silver Spring is located.

          1. Ruan Thai, my favorite. Among the more amazing dishes are the boneless fried duck, watercress with squid and shrimp, shrimp in bean thread hot pot, eggplant salad, tofu with hot peppers and basil. Any of the crispy whole fish dishes.

            Max's for felafel. They have an extensive felafel bar with many exciting toppings. Silver Spring is great for cheap eats.

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              Ruan Thai is great. One new problem--since making Sietsma's top 50, the place is very crowded.