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Oct 31, 2007 07:59 PM

In or near Red Rock hotel

Going to Vegas any suggestions for lunch or dinner at walking distance? Thanks

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  1. There is not that many restaurants walking distance to the hotel. Across the street is the Best Buy/ Borders shopping center which has Islands (burgers), Agave (mexican), BJ's Brewery, Pei Wei (pseudo chinese), Vintner Grill (but that a longer walk).

    At the corner of Charleston and Rampart you have more choices (Mimi's cafe, PF Changs, Melting pot, Hannah's (pan asian), but I would not think it was walkable to eat and walk back. It is about 3 miles each way.

    1. The fish sandwich from Tides was one of the BEST fish sandwiches I have had anywhere. Was delicious and perfectly cooked (99% sure it was grouper). BUT, that was literally the best thing I had to eat for the entire weekend from 3 restaurants. Rosemary's is not that far away...Do yourself a favor and take a cab there. That is, without question, you best best...BAR NONE!

      1. How about Vintner Grill? It is about a mile or so (a long walk but short cab ride) east of the hotel on Charleston. I have eaten there a few times and the food is excellent and the interior decor is beautiful.


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          I second or third the Vintner Grill...ate there for the 1st time last week...everything from the service, the food and the decor was wonderful!
          I loved it! I am still remembering my meal of a half order of crispy calamari w/ a lemon curry aioli dipping sauce...a pumpkin gnocchi w/ toasted hazelnuts, prosciutto and a balsamic reduction... and the exquisite dessert of humboldt fog cheese w/ a Voseges truffle paired w/ a dried cherry broiche and a puddle of a rich dark costa rican chocolate!

        2. Within walking distance pretty much means in the resort or across the street in the shopping center. There is a lot of mediocrity at the restaurants in RRC but I really wouldn't call anything bad ( there are a few on here with differing opinions though ).

          In the resort I can suggest Salt Lick for lunch. I really enjoy their BBQ and the pulled pork sandwich is pretty tasty as well. The brisket and sausage are good also.

          Terra Rossa isn't bad either. They have a white wine by the glass that's great - I'm struggling with the name/varietal. Starts with an H, I want to say ... The pizza is extremely thin crust, napoli style, the margherita is good. For the pastas I like the agnolotti and the panzerotti. They also give you a little crudite platter with dinner chock full of artichokes, peppers, mushrooms, cheeses, etc.

          T-Bones can be either really good or bordering on bad. I don't know how they let their signature steakhouse get that way but so be it. It's got a great atmosphere with a piano player on most nights. They've got a good wine selection as well. I've eaten there on many an occasion and find it to be perfectly acceptable on most nights ( a little pricey, though ).

          Across the street you've got Agave, Islands, Olive Garden, Pei Wei and BJ's. Agave has great chips & salsa and can make a mean margarita but I wouldn't eat dinner there. Just my opinion. Islands is a low end burger joint - nothing special at all. BJ's I'm actually partial to. I used to live about two blocks from Red Rock Casino and would spend a lot of time around that area. BJ's is a good alternative if you don't mind the fact that it's a chain. Their "together at last" appetizer with spinach/artichoke dip and bruschetta all in one is really good as well as the avocado egg rolls. Their pizzas are deep dish if you like that and they have a couple good sandwiches - the beef dip and the BBQ beef are good. Their pastas are decent for a chain as well.

          Nothing really groundbreaking up that way save for Vintner Grill which I would be hesitant to walk to but it's definitely doable and, if you don't mind the walk, I would highly recommend.

          Vintner Grill
          10100 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89135

          1. Cab it to Rosemary's for lunch. Best food, service and value anywhere close. The 3-course prix fixe at $25 is a steal.