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Oct 31, 2007 07:50 PM

How is Bro's Cajun Cuisine in Nashville ?

Searched the web and got mostly great reviews, but 1 recent review was really bad. Any Nashville chowhounds been here recently ?

Thanks and Cheers,


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  1. I haven't been there recently (but when I have been there it has been very good), but I know folks who eat there a lot. I'll ask around.

    1. Ate lunch there last Tuesday... the service is usually terrible, some of the food is stellar, some is mediocre. Tuesdays and Fridays are cajun catfish days, which is really fantastic. Served over rice with creole "gravy" (tomato-based). Some sides are delicious (the purple-hull peas were great last week), some are disappointing (the cauliflower au gratin). The cornbread has been completely inedible literally every time I've eaten there for the last ten years. You'd think someone would tell them. The potatoes that come with the plate lunches are too greasy, but if you drain them on paper towels and salt them liberally after they are served, they become a real treat. The other cajun/creole specialties are usually consistent and good-- gumbo, jambalaya, boudin. My BIL always gets the sampler, which is an absurd amount of food but looks good.

      So, does that answer your question? Just order carefully, and don't expect much as far as table manners.

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        Thanks for the info delaneymae it helps. I was mainly interested in the crawfish Etouffee.But the Catfish sounds yummy. I have given up on ordering gumbo, even in Nawlins because I like mine better (email me if you want the recipe). I am only in Nashville for 1 day next week and will see how I feel before I decide where to chow. For now I am planning on going to Arnolds or Bro's and Princes Chicken Shack. I will be back for another day trip the following week where I will hit Arnolds or Bro's and maybe Martins.



      2. I forgot to ask about the cajun place at the farmers market. Any good ?

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          I haven't had it, I always get Swett's fried chicken at the Farmer's Market! But it looks clean, straightforward, usually pretty well attended. If you try it, report back.

          I asked my BF what he thought of the crawfish etouffee at Bro's, and he said it was delicious. But between the two, you should NOT miss Arnold's, my favorite lunch in town. Particularly Thursdays, also known as Fried Green Tomato and Roast Beef day. Don't miss the mac and cheese.

        2. Highly recommended for the food (which is the main objective, right?), and recognize that it is very casual in terms of atmosphere and enjoy. The daily special is usual spectacular.

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          1. re: volhound

            I ate at Bro's just last night for the first time. Ordered the crawfish etoufee, which was absolutely inedible. Both the crawfish and the sauce seemed to have something seriously wrong with them. I couldn't do more than about three bites. My friend got the sampler plate and most of it was ok, if unspectacular (except for the etoufee). Very disappointing meal.

            1. re: Boatman

              This was similar to my last experience there, which was about 4 yrs ago, so I wasn't going to post. The food quality goes up and down, and when I was there, the green beans were straight out of a can, the etouffee was so-so, cornbread was hard and dry, white beans were dry and mushy (at the same time!) I ate less than a third of the food and ditched the rest.