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Oct 31, 2007 07:43 PM

DiPaolo Turkey Still at Boro Hall Greenmarket?

I'm starrting to plan my Thanksgiving dinner, and I remember getting a turkey breast from DiPaolo at the Borough Hall Greenmarket a couple of years ago. Does anyone know if they still come on Saturdays? If they don't, any suggestions on where to get a good turkey breast? I'd prefer not to cook a whole turkey for just four people. Dines Farmes told me they are doing only whole birds this year.

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  1. Am not sure if it's DiPaolo, but there is a turkey purveyor at he GAP greenmarket on Saturdays. Have only bought sausage from them, so don't know whether they do breast or not.

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    1. re: bebevonbernstein

      Bebe is correct: DiPaolo Turkey has a stall at the Saturday green market at Grand Army Plaza (trust me -- I live about 100 yards from GAP.

      I love their turkey sausage, but have never actually gotten turkey breast from them. May have to try.

    2. DiPaolo is also at Borough Hall on Saturdays. They have smoked turkey breast to die for...

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      1. re: bladerobbins

        Their smoked duck and black bean and pheasant soup are also very good.

      2. BTW, if you're doing a turkey breast? I brined one per Alton Brown's recipe and it came out really, really well.

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        1. re: bebevonbernstein

          Thanks for the tip. I've always been intimidated by brining, but since I'm just doing a breast this year perhaps I will give it a try.

          1. re: LED

            It's very easy to do with a breast (basically you dump a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, throw the breast in, and let it sit in the frig for a while) -- and it really made a great turkey (you'll find lots on it, I think,if you do a search on the boards here), with leftovers that were anything but dry (I don't do gravy, and it never needed any).

        2. We ordered our bird today and noted that they have turkey breasts for order on the same form. The pickup date will be Saturday, November 17, FYI.

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          1. re: lambretta76

            Do you know if they have a website or the number to call and order? I tried searching online but no luck. Also, how much were they per pound? Thanks.

            1. re: time2eat

              $2.49 a pound, price quoted at Union Square.