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Oct 31, 2007 07:41 PM

Fun birthday dinner in Seattle?


I'm looking for a fun place to take a good friend for her birthday next weekend. She lives on Capitol Hill so I was thinking there or downtown, but really any part of town is fine. She's not picky on food- but not a seafood lover- and said she'd love to go somewhere with great food and drinks. We have our usual places, and tend to go to very casual places, but I'm looking for something new, something fun that won't break the bank but would provide a great birthday experience. Anyone have an idea of a place that is great to take a friend to for a fun night out? I know this is rather vague, but I'm open to all ideas!

Thanks so much-

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  1. Restaurant Zoe: hip Belltown vibe, great cocktails and delicious food.

    1. How about the Union? Check out their website at

      Or there's the Metropolitan Grill (also in the Downtown area)

      Very impressive places for a birthday :) Have fun!

      1. What about Tango?
        Can share some tapas, they have great entrees and any bday meal should end with their El Diablo dessert. Mmmm...

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          Have to disagree on Tango, tried it twice, both times was awful service and just ok food... I had tried for my bday a few years ago and their service ruined the whole evening. (just my opinion)

          1. re: nseattlefoodie

            Honestly, the servers could kick me in the shins for the duration of my meal and I would forgive them for just one bite of the El Diablo dessert. :)

            That said, i've been there a handful of times and never had any bad service issues.

        2. What about Tamarind Tree? It doesn't look like much from the outside (in a strip mall) but the decor inside is really very stylish and polished (you can see some on their website--just google tamarind tree seattle). They have really unusual and creative cocktails too. The food is fairly inexpensive--my BF and I usually spend less than 25 (before tip) for an appetizer and two mains. They have some seafood on the menu (try the mango salad with prawns..mmmmm!) as well as lots of meat and veggie dishes (the menu is huge). It's not swanky but I certainly wouldn't mind it for MY birthday, and it could be a new adventure for you! It is close to capitol hill in the international district.

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              Zoe's new place Quinn's
              liked the hanger steak, gougeres, crispy marrow that came with the oxtail (oxtail itself was a bit stringy that night). or for a bit more swankiness, happy hour at Barolo (get there early or reserve if they take reservations in the bar area, which i doubt)