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Oct 31, 2007 06:51 PM

11 Madison Park & Perry Street Dress Codes

We're headed to NYC for the weekend and have reservations at (you guessed it) 11 Madison Park and Perry Street. My husband is wondering if he needs a jacket or jacket-and-tie for either or both. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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  1. You can get away with almost anything, but I would suggest "elegant casual" if you don't want to feel underdressed. I have never worn jacket and tie to these places, but please don't take that to mean you should wear jeans. If you have some spiffy outfits you should be fine.

    1. no, but dressy and a nice sport coat is always a good idea. personally speaking i am more comfortable in places like those with one, even if i dont wear the tie.

      please report back on your meal!

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        I only received the first two emails before we set off on our trip, but as suggested my husband erred on the side of caution and was just fine in both places. However, I am glad to see the posts below about jeans because yes, jeans appeared to be perfectly fine at Perry St. (especially for brunch) and I spotted a pair or two at 11 Madison Park, as well.

        To report on the meals themselves: while I feel that we firmly established ourselves as out-of-towners from the get-go, we had a wonderful, wonderful waiter at 11 Madison Park who completely made the evening for us. He was solicitous and friendly without being condescending, did the wine pairings for us, translated french phrases for us, and quietly explained the strange spoon to us (for sauce--who knew?). Turned out he has only been a waiter for 3 months but as he said, he has "found his calling" (plus he had been to culinary school). We enjoyed the "amuse bouches" of the evening (and the gougeres lived up to their reputation), especially the lemongrass cappuccino, and my crab and avocado starter was wonderful. Everything was so intriguing that frankly, the entrees (loup de mer and poulard) were the least interesting part of the evening. Not that we didn't enjoy them. I also loved my cocktail, which was called something like "Autumnal Effervescence" and was sparkling cider over calvados and cacao (I think). 11 Madison Park definitely delivered the "high class" New York meal that we were looking for!

        Perry Street was very good but a pretty long trek for us on our weekend jaunt to the city. We enjoyed the homemade sodas, liked the brunch items, wait staff was pleasant, but we probably could have found something closer that we liked just as well. Plus, I somehow was not anticipating such a sleek place in the Village.

        One of our most enjoyable meals was at Marseille in the theater district, which was recommended on this board last spring when I was looking for a place to go back then--once again, it was the perfect place to have a nice meal before a show. And then we saw Woody Allen at Shun Lee, which is as good a NYC celebrity sighting as an out-of-towner can wish to have!

        Thanks again to everyone on this board for your help with dress codes and food!

        1. re: newfound1

          Thanks for reporting back, newfound1! It's always great to hear how things turn out after Hounds provide advice.

          Since, as regulars know, EMP is my favorite NYC restaurant right now, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it. The staff there is truly remarkable in being able to provide superb, but not hovering, service. That Thai soup amuse really is sensational! I haven't had the poulard yet, so I can't comment. But I really wish you had selected Chef Humm's luscious signature duck for two. I think it might have changed your mind about the mains being "the least interesting part of the evening." :-)

      2. EMP has a no jeans policy-but trust me i saw several jeans while dining there recently-they will not kick you out-but just dress smartly-the people are very nice and accomodating there and are there to make your evening great. I think the dress code is in place just because they want to have some air of respect for the main group of diners who expect to see a beautiful restaurant with nice surroundings-not a McDonalds crowd.

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        1. re: UES Mayor

          They don't have a "no jeans" policy

          This is from their site:

          "We ask that you wear proper attire. No shorts, t-shirts, or sneakers are allowed."

          I've actually worn jeans there when we stopped in spur of the moment. No problems or looks from anyone. We know some of the FOH staff and I actually questioned one of them and they assured me it was perfectly fine.

          That being said, I was wearing a pair of nice jeans (not something faded, torn or from Old Navy) and a nice top with a nice pair of shoes.

          1. re: CornflakeGirl

            We've had brunch there many times during summertime, and I've seen Bermuda-style shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, and flip-flops. As the French would say, a "comme vous voulez" approach to dress.

            1. re: RGR

              For brunch I can almost see it. People are relaxed, hung over, etc..

              I'd never wear shorts, sneakers or flip flops though.

              One night last summer when we were having dinner at Bread Bar we popped in to say hello to a few people. They started to usher us over to the bar and I protested. I felt like I was too underdressed. Little linen skirt, t-shirt and thong sandals (too beachy maybe?) They again assured me I was fine. I still felt a bit uncomfortable.

        2. The one time I went to Perry St it was for lunch. We (in our early 30s) were the oldest people there, and one guy, wearing jeans that were essentially falling off, checked his skateboard in at the coat check. All the stiff staff in their stiff attire were completely nonplussed.

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            I had lunch at Perry Street yesterday. Some of the diners were indeed wearing Tshirts and jeans. The thing that all the diners had in common... they all looked really cool, like a casting call for Pecker, which is John Waters' 1996 satire of the trendy downtown New York art world. I think I was the only one in the restaurant, busboys included, who does not know the phone number for Milk & Honey. But don't worry about fitting in. I got excellent service, and if I did, so will you.

          2. I was at EMP last week for dinner and our entire party had stylish type jeans and shirts with collars and we were fine...