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Oct 31, 2007 05:38 PM

Bebo Wine Dinners & Cooking Classes

I joined Bebo's email list and I always see that they have numerous wine dinners scheduled. Some are quite pricey (the email I got this evening advertising the Brunello di Montalcino 1997 wine dinner for $220 a person, the others were $90). Has anyone ever been to one of these? With the horrible things I hear about their service I wonder if it would be worth it to attend a $90 a head wine dinner, let alone a $220 a person one! So...any experiences to report?

Also, anyone been to their cooking classes? I really want to take the Famous Pasta Sauces class and am curious about prior experiences here too...Thanks!!!

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  1. I did the famous pasta sauces class about a month ago and thought it was well worth the $$$. Juice, coffee, and semolina cakes when you arrive, a small class with lots of personal chat with the Chef, you make 5 sauces and homemade pasta and have a very nice lunch with wine and dessert. I'm planning on taking another one. Next time I will try and not almost hit Chef Roberto with an empty container though...throwing towards the group garbage bowl and missed...

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      I don't mean to veer off on a tangent, but this sounds like Chef Donna is offering a lot of extras at Bebo. Does anyone have an update on his previous plans to move back to the Galileo space in DC after the building's renovations are completed?

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        I think you'll be waiting a VERY long time before you see that happen.

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          When they were getting ready to close Galileo they said they were opening Bebo, and that their intent would be to keep Bebo open and re-open Galileo when the space is ready so that there would be the higher-end white tablecloth restaurant in the city and the more bistro-y Bebo just over the bridge.
          I'm not sure if plans have changed but I'm hoping he reopens Galileo.

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          Good to hear, sounds like a neat opportunity and a fun time! I'll have to sign up for that.

          Any input on the wine dinners? I think it would take some convincing for me to go to one (again just because of Bebos reputation) but I'm really curious to know if anyone has gone.

        3. I'd love to get some feedback on this. MDoodle reminded me that I have to post my Bebo experience -- it was so horrible and insulting that I can't help but quietly burn whenever that place is brought up. I wouldn't spit on it to put out a fire (or something like that).


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            Yes, see its comments like this that make me think that a Bebo wine dinner is not even worth attempting.

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              I posted my review here:


              Granted, others' experiences may vary, but this is still upsetting.

          2. I haven't eaten at Bebo, but I did attend a risotto class there, w/ Chef Donna & thought it was excellent. Great instruction, very hands-on, but we were also treated to 3 of the chef's risottos, after we prepared our own, along w/ wine, coffe, sweets. I arrived home practically comatose from all the risotto (in a good way, of course). I would not hesitate to take another cooking class w/ him, it was great!