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Oct 31, 2007 05:30 PM

Catering for Informal Party - in MSP

I have a catering question, but for a pretty informal party, not a wedding. We're having about 50-60 people over for a good-bye party. We'd like to have fairly decent food without spending a lot of money - and without making it ourselves (we are the ones leaving - our house will hopefully be mostly empty by the time of the party). Our last similar party we had Baja Sol, which was cheap, very easy, and people enjoyed it. (Fajita Bar that fed 50+ people for less than $200, supplemented with some other things for kids). We'd like something similar. Any ideas of good cheap food - take-out - for a crowd?

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  1. I haven't had it in a while, but on the "cheap catering" scale, Cossetta's catering arm "Eventi" does a pretty good job. You'll get things like lasagnas etc. Sounds to be about the level of quality/price as Baja Sol.

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      Yes, they do. We used Eventi's for a school event, and people loved it. They have a huge menu. We ordered the lasagne rustica (very rich) and one of their salads, which was excellent, along with some other dishes I no longer remember but all of which went like wildfire.

    2. We've had good luck with the catering from Broder's. Probably a little more expensive than Baja but I think probably better quality.