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Oct 31, 2007 05:28 PM

ISO nice-ish lunch spot near 70th and Park

I'm taking a visiting aunt and uncle to an art exhibit at 70th and Park Tuesday afternoon, and wanted to find a nearby spot for lunch afterwards. They are in their 70s, and I was hoping not to have to walk far, preferably within 5 blocks. They have an early dinner reservation at Jean Georges, so lunch really doesn't need to be too fancy or a big production. But I'd like something fairly nice. I'm not familiar with this neighborhood - any thoughts?

Thank you!

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  1. Cafe Boulud on 76th St (btw Madison and 5th Ave) is an excellent place for 70-year-olds. The decor is sort of like a country club house and the last time I was there I saw a few tables of older diners (as well as family). The food is certainly top-notch, though a bit expensive. You may want to take a look at their menu to decide.

    1. Cafe Boulud is a favorite of ours. While it may be 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's second-tier restaurant, the cuisine is first-rate. Cordial, polished service and very pleasant ambiance make for a lovely dining experience. It is upscale. However, the 4 menus, each of which has a different culinary theme, are a la carte, so if you want to keep things light, you can order just one or two courses and/or do some sharing. They also offer two lunch prix-fixes. C.B. tends to attract an older, affluent clientele, but you will find some younger diners there as well.

      1. Since they are having a nice dinner, Via Quadronno, 73rd between 5th and Madison, might work - nice soups and panini (sp?).

        1. Thank you! I love both of these ideas. Cafe Boulud looks lovely, and definitely the type of place I'm sure my aunt and uncle would enjoy. I also love the idea of a light panini lunch at Via Quadronno, especially since their dinner reservation is at 5:30, so I'm going to run both ideas by them and let them choose.

          Thank you again. These are perfect.

          1. Just a quick report on our lunch: We chose Via Quadronno as a counterpoint to all the fancy dinners they have planned during their trip. It was great! They loved the authentic italian neighborhood feel, and the quirky but cozy decor. We started with soups as they are big soup fans - pureed vegetable medley. Very tasty and light. Then shared a couple of paninis, and a smoked salmon tartine. We all loved the hot crusty bread of the paninis, my favorite being one with speck, brie and pate. (It was listed on their menu as their "award-winning" panini). We finished the meal with a scoop of gelato each (the banana was great) and a delicious cappucino.

            A perfect casual, fun and memorable lunch. Thank you for the recommendation.