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Oct 31, 2007 05:10 PM

wine tasting

This weekend, I'm going wine tasting for my sister's birthday...Is new hope our best bet? If not, could you spare some details such as the price and area?

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  1. Va La vineyards is one of the best wine tasting experiences I've had in PA. I beleive there other vineyards in that area as well. I think the tasting is $7 or $10/w souvinerre glass.


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      Agree completely on VaLa - absolutely my favorite local winery and you will have a great experience. The tasting comes with samples of local foods. There are others in the area that are good, like Folly Hill and Paradox. Avoid Chaddsford, too touristy and their wine is not that good.

      You might want to avoid New Hope area, the only decent one in the area is the Crossings which is ok but very overpriced for what it is. Avoid New Hope winery at all costs. Buckingham and Rushland Ridge are good places for $6 wine, but not te best tasting experience for a special ocassion.

    2. ooooh, you may have just given me an idea for weekend plans as well!

      one of my coworkers owns a winery i have been meaning to try:

      Salford Valley Winery, LLC
      98 Cressman Road
      Telford, PA 18969

      if anyone knows of websites that plot out a winery map or suggest a tour for you, i'd be all ears...

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          Ended up at Rose Bank Winery Saturday. It was pretty good. Like 15 wines to choose from and all help yourself. I did not think I would like any since I am not a big wine fan, but I walked out of there with 2 bottles lol. Would recommend this place to anyone.