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Oct 31, 2007 05:09 PM

Nice vegetarian in Huntington Beach area?

I am meeting my boss at a conference in Huntington Beach and might need to have a place in mind to take him out to dinner. Any cuisine is fine - as long as there are at least some very good vegetarian options for him. Any ideas?

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  1. Au Lac in Fountain Valley 16563 Brookhurst. I have heard is the best vegetarian in the OC.

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      Any suggestions of places open on Mondays?

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        Never been, but I've read positive reviews about Bodhi Tree on Main Street in Huntington. Seems to be a small little cafe, so I'm not too sure if that's the right atmosphere for your business dinner

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          That looks great. A little scared of the "Bean Turd" on the menu, but this looks like a nice idea.

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            "Seafoods, Meat and Poulty make from Soy Bean, Bean Turd and Assorted Vegetable"

            Straight from their website. What does a bean turd look like? :)

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            I've been to Bodhi Tree - very casual - great food!

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          I'll second Au Lac, great decor inside this small restaurant, and the food is wonderful. I'm not a vegetarian but I really do enjoy going here for the fresh and flavorful food.

        3. I like the eggplant dishes at Mangia Mangia (that's my "go to" choice there, and I'm not vegetarian). Bukhara will have vegetarian options, if Indian food is acceptable.

          1. Hey igj,

            The 2 most prominent vegetarian restaurants in the HB area that I've been to are Bodhi Tree and Au Lac. I go regularly to both places.

            * Bodhi Tree: A good selection of Vegetarian South-East Asian-inspired dishes. Their Grilled "Fish" with Dill is amazing! They serve it Vietnamese style so you can make your own wraps (with Rice Paper and fresh vegetables). Their Soy Sauce "Chicken" dish is also awesome and tasty. Also their Soups are a must-try! It sounds basic, but they have some great Vegetarian soups that are FULL of flavor. Some of their Tofu and other dishes are hit-or-miss, however.

            * Au Lac (Fountain Valley): They've changed their menu a bit and dramatically remodeled the place (for the better). They have hardcore "Raw Foods" (Vegan) style dishes, as well as cooked Vegetarian dishes as well. South-East Asian inspired. Their dishes tend to be a little too salty for my tastes (so I'll ask them to ease up on the Sodium), but it's pretty good as well. Try some of their "Fish" dishes, which are top notch.

            Note: I'm not even Vegetarian, but both places have some pretty tasty items. :)

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              Thanks all. I actually ended up taking my boss to Bodhi Tree and then went to Au Lac on my own! I had essentially the same meal at both places (to better compare and because I really like this dish): rice vermicelli with fake beef and egg rolls. My verdict: they were both very good. The egg rolls were more flavorful at Bodhi Tree, but they didn't actually come with the dish and I had to order them as a side dish, so that added to the cost.On the other hand, I liked the fake beef better at Au Lac. It was a bit sweeter and a bit more tender. Either way, I really enjoyed both places. The atmosphere difference would, I think, determine which I went to on any given night if I lived near there - but I would definitely go back happily to either place.

              My boss also really liked Bodhi Tree - he was so happy to see the words Vegetarian Cafe on the sign and he said, "I never see that in San Antonio." He had some stir fry with tofu, but he asked them to make it extra spicy and he was VERY pleased with the kick that the dish had.

              So thanks again to everyone who helped me pull that off succesfully.