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Oct 31, 2007 04:56 PM

Garlic Confit - uses?

I made Garlic Confit today, from an LA Times print of Thomas Keller (recipe below) to use with spinach, which I love. It made a lot. I was wondering if any one had ideas on other uses for it


Garlic confit
1 cup peeled garlic cloves (about 45 cloves)

Canola oil, enough to cover the garlic

1. Cut off and discard the root ends of the garlic cloves. Place the cloves in a small saucepan, and add enough oil to cover them by about 1 inch. None of the garlic cloves should be poking through the oil.

2. Place the saucepan on a diffuser over medium-low heat; alternatively, place the saucepan over low heat. The cloves should cook gently: Very small bubbles will come up through the oil, but the bubbles should not break the surface. Adjust the heat as necessary and move the pan to one side of the diffuser if it is cooking too quickly. Cook the garlic for about 40 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes or so, until the cloves are completely tender when pierced with the tip of a knife. Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow the garlic to cool in the oil. Refrigerate the garlic, submerged in the oil, for up to a month.

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  1. The easier question is, what WOULDN'T I use it for??? Garlic is the nectar of the gods! I'd spread it on everything, except chocolate!

    Try your garlic spread with a chutney and spreadable cheese like Brie or Cambazola on crackers!

    1. Yummy! Garlic paste for crostini would be an excellent place to start!

      Maybe make a vinegarette out of the garlic infused oil? Or maybe sautee potatoes in the oil?

      1. I asked the same thing (as featured in Bon Appetit 1/08), and ended up here. Looked further on the web and found use in complex saffron mussel dish/mussel soup at The advantage, besides having on hand, is that when you have short cook time (like fish/less than an hour) where garlic would not ordinarily get done enough, the garlic will be ready to eat.

        I picked up the large Chinese single-clove garlics at Trader Joes and am going to try confitting them.

        The way we go thru garlic here, i'm going to pick up a jar of pre-peeled garlics and try those too.

        Signed, tired of peeling garlic every time i cook.