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Oct 31, 2007 04:45 PM

Help, No More Farmers

Markets and I need mushrooms. Chantererelles, trumpets, the whole shebang. Anyone know where I can get the same quality shrooms that I was getting at the farmers markets? Thanks in advance

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  1. The Green City Market is still going, although it's now moving indoors for the winter.

    1. Its a hike from downtown, but H-Mart in Niles has a huge produce selection. You could certainly find asian style mushrooms (shitake, enoki, etc) but they have a very diverse selection there. At any rate, a very interesting place to visit if you have never been there.

      I have seen these at Whole Foods as well, ableit at their typical high markup.

      1. Check out - River Valley Mushroom Farm - Burlington, Wisconsin. Located 39900 60th Street - which is the intersection of (highway 50 & P) in burlington - new munster area.

        They grow a variety of mushrooms and ship world-wide & are Closed only one day out of the year. I believe they have a website - but not sure of name (try a search).
        Also the store is filled with gourmet selections of homemade pickled, garlic, jarred mushrooms, Salsa's, home-made soups, chocolates, gift packages, fresh fruits & veggie market and more.
        If you get a chance to visit the store - they have taste samples of everything ( it takes about a half hour to try everything)!!! ENJOY

        They also sell (for the green thumb) a mushroom compost * your garden will luv U*

        1. You still have one more shot at the Evanston Farmers Market this Saturday, November 3.