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Oct 31, 2007 03:55 PM

KFC- Chicken stock??

In a moment of weakness, I bought a bucket of KFC chicken. Hey, it's been a long week, and it's only Wednesday! I'm wondering if anyone has tried making chicken stock from the leftover bones? After I'm done with this chicken, I'll feel like a day or two of just chicken broth... Let me know if you've tried it!

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  1. Not from fried chicken I haven't.

    But you never know until you try; what have you got to lose?

    1. If it has been a long week, the idea of making stock from deep fried bones must be your idea of how can I torture myself somemore? Have you thought of boiling canned tuna fro fish stock?

      In all honesty, I find making stock is worth my time when I use good fresh ingredients. And while I have made a soup from my own roasted chcken or turkey carcass; I have never found it as good as made from fresh.

      I'd say suffer another moment of weakness and get a good stock off the store shelf, they do exist.

      1. That's not chicken, scuzzo. Save your time and effort. Buy it.

        1. I once made an ok chicken stock from leftover el pollo loco chicken. Your chicken stock may end up being a bit greasy but so many people use leftover roast chicken I find that using leftover fried chicken might be fine. And KFC ain't so bad when you're in a rut: sure there may be better places but if you pour their hot sauce all over their extra crispy, it's tastes quite good.

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            So, degrease it - you should be doing so by default anyway.