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Oct 31, 2007 03:49 PM

Breakfast on the Embarcadero

An other-worldly experience for this hermit from the Marin hills: I have a breakfast meeting!in the city next week. Aside from the general shock to my system, I need to find a breakfast spot to meet my associates, one of whom works at Pier 33, another of whom will be arriving at the Embarcadero via Muni, while I will be coming in by ferry from Larkspur. Any ideas about coffee and a light breakfast? I have done a search of this board, and found Boulette's Larder mentioned but not by anyone who had actually breakfasted there. The other place that I found that served breakfast was Americano in the Hotel Vitale, but that is a bit fancier/heavier than we are thinking of. Anyplace between the Ferry Bldg and Pier 33?

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  1. Most places are either fancy or grab & go, but here's a couple of places...
    Boudin Bakery - (4 Embarcadero or the flagship at Fishermans Wharf)
    Focaccia Cafe & Bakery on Sacramento is nice -
    Orale Orale if you want Mexican
    Eagle Cafe has had decent reviews on for breakfast but I've never been

    Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe
    39 Pier # Q5, San Francisco, CA

    1. breakfast at the palace hotel is pretty good. close to the embarcadero and the muni station. you can actually chat there with some modicum of privacy.

      1. I have breakfast meetings quite frequently and have gone to Park Grill at the Le Meridien hotel at Battery and Clay. The opentable description says:

        "For business or pleasure dining, the Park Grill lets you enjoy privacy even when the room is filled. Enjoy fine California cuisine and an attentive staff. For power breakfasts, business lunches, deal-closing dinners or leisurely dining."

        And I agree with everything they say except the leisurely dining part - I only go there for work breakfasts/lunches. If you look around, everyone else is there for power breakfast/lunch. The food itself is quite good but might be on the fancier/heavier side like at Americano. There are a wide variety of options though, so you can go with fruit/yogurt if you'd like.

        I have also had breakfast at Boulette's larder twice, once was yesterday. Their breakfast menu is small (5-6 items) and yesterday they had two hot items: oatmeal and eggs. The other items were yogurt, smoked salmon, and that's as much as I can remember. The food itself is great as long as the menu works for everyone. This is much more casual than Park Grill or Americano.

        1. For casual, Noah's and Il Massimo on the Market Street side of the Hyatt and tboth have inside seating if it's cold out. Also, there is a food court (with lots of seating) across the street in the One Market complex, a few places serve a variety of breakfasts very reasonable (particularly recommend the burger place that will make just about anything)

          1. Market Bar at the Ferry Building serves a good unfancified breakfast in a slightly more formal setting than Boulette's.

            Market Bar
            1 Ferry Bldg, San Francisco, CA