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Oct 31, 2007 03:24 PM

Need some Santa Barbara recs...

I am going for a little weekend getaway this weekend to Santa Barbara with my boyfriend. This will be our first time in Santa Barbara. On Saturday evening (5:00) we need to find somewhere to hang out, have some drinks and dinner and watch our football team. It doesnt have to be some loud crazy sports bar, I'd rather be able to hear the game. But it does need to be somewhere that has ESPN game package, b/c it's on ABC regional. Any ideas?

Also need somewhere to watch the Chargers Sunday that would serve some decent breakfast/brunch. And somewhere for a romantic, delicious dinner for Friday night.

We are staying at a B&B near State st. but we will have a car, but would prefer to walk.

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  1. I recommend The Santa Barbara Brew Co. You can get some great beer, food, and watch the game. Its not a crazy sports bar, just a great place to hang. Its right on State and Haley. Here's their site:

    For someplace romantic on a Friday night, try Giselle's. Its Italian on Upper State and its a restaurant that has one of the MOST romantic atmospheres. But I highly recommend a reservation. I can give some better recs if you could give me a better idea of what your tastes and price ranges are though.

    And I'd suggest going back to the Brew Co. for Sunday morning's game, but I'm not sure they serve breakfast so maybe ask them if you decide to go there Sat night. Otherwise for breakfast only, try Tupelo Junction Cafe, or the Cajun Kitchen.

    Have a great time!

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      Giselle's has long been closed - it is an empty shell right caught in some long delayed construction now and just got hit with some massive graffiti. Welcome to downtown Santa Barbara.

      But there are plenty of other choices right around that area to choose - kind of Ground Zero for restaurants in Santa Barbara: Downey's can still deliver as well as buchon and recent report from Epiphany was good. And Hungry Cat is just around the corner. All nicely walkable. Plus Louies at Hotel Upham also has a lot of charm for historic setting and fresh menus.

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        oy vey! I have been not been by that part of State St in sooo long. Did not know about Giselle's!

        But I agree completely about Downey's and Louie's! I love both! And the Wine Cask too.

    2. Try scoping out Madison's (Sports Grill), right in the heart of downtown on State Street. They have patio/sidewalk seating, though I'm not sure what kind of football coverage they bring in during the season. They aim for the college crowd and the food is pretty good for bar/grill fare.

      1. Thanks for the recs everyone. We had a great weekend in Santa Barbara! We ended up getting in pretty late Friday and so decided to check out the La Super Rica that I had read about on here. We ordered it and took it to our room to eat. I had the pork and cheese between two tortillas and a dover sole tamale. Both were excellent!!! We only wish we had ordered a bit more!

        On Saturday we watched the game at the Santa Barbara Brewery. They were very nice about turning the channle to our game and we had some good food (pizza and grilled chicken sandwich with avocado). Our bed and breakfast served a hot breakfast delivered to our room, which was very tastey so we just watched the chargers game in our room and then went to the Santa Barbara Shellfish Co. on the pier. I had clam chowder which was EXCELLENT and a small california spiny lobster, which was fantastic as well. My boyfriend had their special of the day, lobster tacos and he liked them a lot too, although he wouldnt stop eating my clam chowder!

        Thanks again for the recs. and to others who posted about these places elsewhere on chowhound!

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          Next time, go to the Brewhouse. Better beer and food. Also, a better space.

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            Glad to hear you had a good time - we were also there recently, and enjoyed a meal at the Hungry Cat. We'll probably be going back soon and hope to try Super Rica and Santa Barbara Shellfish Co.

            Maybe we'll even go to the Santa Barbara Brewery, since you enjoyed it so much!

            1. re: lindsaytaylor

              Thanks so much for the report. It is wonderful when we get the feedback and helps us understand better what other people like about this town and its dining.