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Oct 31, 2007 03:07 PM

Saturday Brunch for 8 in Hell's Kitchen

I have been tasked with picking a place for 8 of us coming in for the marathon Sunday to meet on Saturday for lunch/brunch. I have narrowed it down to Eatery or Whym. I didn't want anything too spicy or ethnic, not a good idea to eat something you aren't used to the day before you run 26.2. Thoughts between those two? We are going to meet at 1:30.


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  1. I'd say probably Whym, though I'm not sure either one takes reservations.

    If you're open to other suggestions, I'd say try Roberto Passon - it's Italian, which most are fairly familiar with. Plus their bread basket is awesome, so you can carbo-load in style. :-)

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    1. re: piccola

      I called and Whym took a reservation. Not sure why one does and the other doesn't as they seem to be run by same people. I will look at Roberto Passon though, thanks.
      I was kind of thinking though everyone would do pasta later on.

      1. re: hally

        Oh, I don't know for sure that Eatery doesn't. I just meant it's pretty common for restaurants to refuse brunch reservations.

    2. You could try BLT Market or Sarabeth's?

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      1. re: kam0424

        Sarabeth's doesn't take reservations either, I believe.

      2. Want to know what I've discovered? Westbank Cafe on 42nd street just west of 9th avenue has a slamming brunch and you don't have to wait half an hour to get in. There's usually room and no waiting. The lemon ricotta pancakes are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Eggs etc. are also great, lots of room especially for a large party. Go for it. I was skeptical but am a convert.

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        1. re: jbwalker

          Eatery said they did not take reservations. I ended up making one at Roberto Passon, thanks for the other ideas but needed to make a decision and stick to it because the group is arriving at varied times into the city for the race Sunday. This way they can make their Saturday plans around a set time and place for brunch.

          1. re: hallycat

            nook is good, though 8 might be tough

            1. re: holland_oats

              Love it, but as you said, I wouldn't go with more than 4 in the group.

            2. re: hallycat

              Le Madeleine takes brunch rez. I know hey are in a battle with the landlord but for now they are still operating and definately worth a trip.