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Oct 31, 2007 02:53 PM

So disappointed at Joan's on Third

My sister and I could not have been more excited when we walked into Joan's on Third. It was my first time walking by since the expansion, and my first time eating there at all. The place is beautiful, everything's attractively displayed, and it's really hard to know where to look because there are so many delicious looking things.

We ended up with a meatloaf sandwich, a milanese sandwich, a pre-packaged cobb salad, three half pints of prepared salads (israeli cous cous, butter beans, and snap peas and asparagus), a quart of asparagus soup, and a large bottle of Pellegrino.

First shock: $72!!! The $19 cobb was particularly irksome, especially when an identical salad in exactly the same sized box costs $12 at Jack N' Jill's. Even compared to restaurant or Whole Foods prices Joan's was kind of intense. But we were already at the cashier and in a hurry, so be it.

Most unpleasant surprise: with the exception of the snap peas, each and every dish was way too salty. My mother, who is especially sensitive to salt, had to water the soup down with about equal parts hot water before she could swallow it. Meanwhile, who looked like the idiot who insisted on a "wholesome and all natural" dinner? All the value of buying good ingredients goes down the tube if everything's inedibly salty. I had a hard time eating my meatloaf sandwich, which in addition to being too salty was on kind of stale bread and had the crumbly texture of a tofu meatloaf. It also tasted like chili, which is kind of an unusual choice for meatloaf.

I will most likely be back at Joan's because they do have an intersting array of ingredients, but I won't be back for the prepared foods.

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  1. A $19 pre-packaged salad?? Was it enough to serve 4 I hope?

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    1. re: Josh90004

      I went to Joan's for the first time since the renovation and I have to agree with you Pei. Beautiful place, but all of their prepared items were outrageously expensive. When deli items (salads, rice mix, etc) are upwards of $5 for a 1/4- 1/2 pound, then I have to pass.

      1. re: SouthernFoodie08

        Not upwards of $5, AT LEAST $5. Most of the ones I saw were $8-10.

    2. I had a prosciutto sandwich at Joans on Third, expensive but delicious! (or so expensive that it had to be delicious, I haven't decided yet)

      Went another time and got a variety of their cupcakes. Okay, mostly dry and uninteresting. I tried the Cloud cupcake and was not enthusiastic by the grainy marshmallow fluff. It tasted like sugary sweet sand. Marshmallow fluff shouldn't crunch.

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      1. re: februarystars

        I used to think the cupcakes were the best in LA and "loooved them." Recently, had them at a dinner party but no-one else ate them. I think you are right that the very sweet and fairly heavy texture is not really at the top of anyone's list of A cup cakes.

      2. I haven't been there in ages - long before the expansion - because I think the food is terrible. And, the very last time I was there I made a special trip to pick up cup cakes for the office. They were dry, stale, heavy. They were thrown out by the office folks who usually devour sweets too quickly to notice if they're any good. I told my sister this story and she said that she had known this for at least a year prior. So, for quite some time I have given it a big zero.

        1. I agree... I stopped by for breakfast with a friend and was stunned by the breakfast menu, which was both extremely limited and expensive.

          Ordered fruit/yogurt granola parfait for $8. granted, yes, it came in a tall parfait glass, but i think i'll go back to my $1 fruit & yogurt parfait at McDonald's (I'm embarrassed to even mention it, but it's the only thing i'll order there, other than the coffee)

          add orange juice for $3.50, and i left the place feeling very hungry and dirt poor from having cleaned out the bank account.

          perused the premises and everything seemed really overpriced.

          thank you for the great ingredients and quality, but don't gouge our wallets, please.

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          1. re: tuttifrutti

            Tutti, dont' be embarrassed by your $1 Parfait at McD! It's a great deal, a good breakfast and cheap. And, McD coffee is really good.

          2. I had a great turkey meatloaf sandwich there over two months ago that was pretty yummy--garnished with some sort of interesting red pepper aioli--still, the operative phrase here is "over two months ago". I'd only go there again to treat myself if I was absolutely too tired to cook--it's take-out, after all--and even then, I'd have to be realllllly tired--b/c the prices rival shopping for basic ingredients at WF, and at least w. grocery shopping, you have something left over the next day. The atmosphere reminds me of those really expensive cutsie lunch places in Manhattan--but with higher prices!