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Verizon Center suggestions

chowmac Oct 31, 2007 02:38 PM

Looking for obscure (no chains) good restaurants for a quick bite before a show - chinese/sushi/etc.??

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  1. KWynn RE: chowmac Oct 31, 2007 06:58 PM

    Thai: Kanlaya
    Wood burning oven pizza: Ella's or Matchbox (get the sliders at Matchbox, and the spaghetti & meatballs at Ella's, in addition to the pizza at either)
    Sushi: Sushi-go-round
    BBQ: Capital Q
    Noodles and Dumplings: Chinatown Express
    I've also heard Burma is good for Burmese but haven't been yet

    1. h
      Hal Laurent RE: chowmac Oct 31, 2007 07:04 PM

      Wherever you go, if the show at Verizon Center is a popular one make sure you make reservations. We stayed at the Hotel Monaco a year or so ago, and had a heck of a time finding a place in the neighborhood to eat dinner one night, as unbeknownst to us ahead of time, Billy Joel was playing at the Verizon Center. All the restaurants for blocks around were booked solid!

      We did eventually manage to squeeze in at Bistro D'Oc, where we'd eaten the day before.

      1. DanielK RE: chowmac Nov 2, 2007 07:11 AM

        I usually hit the bar at Proof or Zaytinya before a show. But get there on the early side - if it's a 7:30 show, seats are hard to find by 5:45. Before the Van Halen show last night, I got shot down at Proof at 5:40, before grabbing the last two bar stools at Zaytinya at 5:45. It was wall-to-wall people from then through 7, and then everyone left at once...

        1. kturner79 RE: chowmac Nov 2, 2007 02:12 PM

          My husband and I really like Rosa Mexicana - great pom-margaritas!!

          1. m
            MrsWheatie RE: chowmac Nov 2, 2007 02:43 PM

            PS7's lounge

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