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Oct 31, 2007 02:35 PM

Venice - what do you think of these

What do you think of these restaurants:

Do Forni
Linea d'Ombra
Fiaschetteria Toscana
Da Fiore

They come recommended, but I always wonder if I can trade up.

One of us is a vegetarian, if that matters.


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  1. Osteria da Carla, best selection of soups, fish, and beautiful vegetables. get there early (11:30 am). For good seafood, he says to try Hostaria da Franz, which serves a great baby octopus prepared with Sambuca. Or try Osteria alle Testiere for clams with ginger. For good pasta e fagiolipasta with beans, check out Osteria Bentigodi da Andrea or Osteria alla Bomba.

    Many tourists like to sit in Piazza San Marco and enjoy an aperativo before dinner, or a coffee any time of the day. The two most famous places to do this are Caffè Florian and Caffè Quandri, situated opposite each other on the piazza.

    Hostaria da Franz
    Fondamenta San Isepo 754, Castello, tel. 041/522/0861

    Osteria Alle Testiere
    Calle del Mondo Novo 5801, Castello, tel. 041/5227220

    Osteria Bentigodi da Andrea
    Rio Tèra Farsetti 1424, Cannaregio, tel. 041/716269

    Osteria Alla Bomba
    Calle dell’Oca 4297, Cannaregio, tel. 041/5201438

    Caffè Florian
    Piazza San Marco 56, tel. 041/528 9299

    Caffè Quandri
    Piazza San Marco 120