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Oct 31, 2007 02:12 PM

Urgent!!: Light Bite, Small Plates, After Movie, Around 72nd & 3rd

Going to be getting out of a movie in the neighborhood around 9:30pm and want to find a nice place to grab a little bite to eat with a date. Ability to converse is very important. Nothing extravegant or overly romantic just a nice place. Mid - Range price but type of cuisine is not important.

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  1. Check out Uva on 77th and 2nd. Great Italian place with wonderful wines, cheeses and a lovely atmosphere.

    1. Lenox Room on 73rd and 3rd just remodeled and is getting nice reviews. It is a great spot for a date.

      1. Grace's Trattoria a block away. Antipasto, pizza, pasta etc.