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Anyone have any inside info on this new, not-yet-opened UWS restaurant? I am so excited about the idea of a Morningside Heights resto with not just edible but Manhattan-caliber food.

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  1. From the NY TImes, it's supposed to open this week.

    2893 Broadway (112th Street), (212) 665-2800.

    I also found the menu on NYmag.com. Brunch menu very similar to Clinton Street Baking Co, of course.


    1. It is now open for Breakfast and Lunch. As others have said, it is opening for dinner, "soon."

      1. Dinner service scheduled to start Nov. 15. Same Chef & Mgt as Clinton Street Bakery... CAN"T WAIT!!!

        1. Very springy matzoh balls in the namesake soup; lots of textural variety (especially the lip-smacking blackened borders of the applewood-smoked bacon) in the B.E.L.T. They call it a "belt"; E is for egg. Photos below.

          Community Food & Juice
          2893 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

          1. Tried it yesterday for lunch. Had a really tasty turkeyburger-well spiced, with avocado and red salsa..my companion had the lentil salad, and she really like it, although it's a bit small. We shared some sweet potato fries which were really good (depends how you like your fries-they were quite fleshy/potato-y versus thin and crispy). great addition to a pretty poor restaurant neighb

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              Now that this place has been around a couple months, what do people think of it?

              I want to like it, I really do. Some of the food is excellent, some has been just fine, but I feel it's a little overpriced and I have never left feeling completely wowed by things there.

              I also have never ever ever had a good experience with the hostess(es) - several different times (with different hostesses) they skipped my name & claimed they had called me despite the fact that I had been standing in front of them the whole time. I'm willing to overlook this, as well as the waitstaff's mispronunciation of food items (I counted 3 different examples on one recent visit). Their beer list seems nice, but the wine list seems dull and lacking - and they were out of all but 2 by-the-glass red wines on Friday night, so I had to settle for a very mediocre Beaujolais (pronounced "Boo-joo-lay" but the waitress.

              What do other people think? It's always packed, I like the vibe, I like the quality of food. I will keep trying until I am swayed one way or another.

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                i particularly like their burgers. not everything is great, but i'd say everything is pretty good. definitely one of the best restaurants near columbia

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                  Just went there today for the first time, and ordered that turkey burger mentioned by a previous poster. The bread was really nice and the avocado "mayo" was yummy, but the buger itself was too hard to bite into, and the tomato salsa was unnoticeable. The french fries it came with had a nice rich flavour, but were a little too soft (and I couldn't replace them with sweet potato fries, alas!). The side of slaw was also pretty tasteless, and the zucchini pickles... well, they were the best thing on my plate, but every time I ate one I kept wishing it were a real pickle!

                  The coffee, on the other hand, was good, full-bodied and strong even with milk, and refills were easy to come by. Service was a little scattered, but well-meaning. I'd be interested to hear if there's some other dish they do really well. Until I do, I'll probably choose other places for lunch.

              2. Has anyone tried their juice bar?

                1. just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. had a late dinner here on friday night for the first time and was pretty shocked at how much i enjoyed my meal. we split this bread plate with chicken liver pate (strangely goopy), roasted garlic butter, and some sort of tomato concoction. it was okay but nothing worth mentioning. my bacon wrapped pork tenderloin on the other hand was one of the better entrees ive had in months. it was moist and hearty. the cornbread stuffing and cherries that came with the dish were quite delicious.

                  we skipped dessert due to the time (nearly 11:30) but i left very pleased. service was friendly and competent and the place was filled with nice people. if i lived around there, id go often.