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Oct 31, 2007 01:22 PM

North 44 - anniversary dinner

Hi hounds! We're celebrating our anniversary dinner tomorrow night at North 44 - thanks in part to a gift certificate (that will likely only cover the apps!) I've had a look at the menu online and I honestly don't know where to begin (everything sounds delish).

We'll likely each have an app, a main and split a dessert. Any recommendations are welcome.

Also, this might be slightly off-topic, but I'll be going straight from the office - any dress/style tips would be helpful.

I promise to post my thoughts later tomorrow night!

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  1. Hello, the fried halibut and scallop cake is one of the best appetizer I had in Toronto ! Highly recommended.

    1. They have one of the most generous portion foie gras appertizer amongst Toronto's top tier restaurants. The execution was pretty good too!

      1. You can't go wrong with either their risotto's, or a gnocchi dish. And as Charles mentioned, the foie app is killer.

        The steaks are always spot-on delicious (but VERY pricey), lobster is always good, and the if you like whole fish, the dover sole is a glorious thing.

        1. go for the bone-in filet mignon (if they still have it)..this is a rare cut of meat and my absolute favourite far i have found only 2 restos that serve it (North 44 and Queue de Cheval in montreal)

          1. The duck three ways is excellent! And I second the fois gras recommendation!

            The restaurant is full of clean lines and sparkling surfaces, so I'd recommend a casual suit (tie not necessary) for the gents and a pant suit or designer wrap dress for the ladies!