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Oct 31, 2007 12:52 PM

Good Dining in Windsor, ON

Going to Windsor for business, any good dining destinations?

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  1. Definately go to Bubbi's if you like garlic! Chicken strips and burgers with a side of Bubbi's sauce and sweet potato fries are the best! Not fine dining but good eats!

    1. Some people really like the Tunnel BBQ which is across from, you guessed it, the tunnel. It's a total dive but apparently has good ribs. I was there one time only and wasn't very impressed.

      Just across the river in Detroit you can try The Rattlesnake Club which is right on the river and has excellent food but expensive.

      1. You can go to Erie St. There are a lot of Italian restaurants there to choose from. There is also a restaurant on Ottawa St called Bin some # that ex-Windsorites who live in Toronto say is quite good.

        1. The Mini.

          Excellent Viet Nam.

          French accent.