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Apr 30, 2006 08:55 PM

Portuguese restaurant

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someone recently moved from ny looking for portuguese reastaurant in sf or bay area. thanks

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  1. the grubstake has portuguese food. Haven't been there yet though. Haven't seen much about it on this board lately.

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      1. re: stitcher
        Robert Lauriston

        Pine between Polk and California.


    1. hate to say it, but the bay doesn't 'do' portuguese food... there isn't a population here.

      unlike ny which has toronto so close (there's like HOARDS of them up there)

      i've been looking. haven't been to grubstake, but the menu isn't exactly portuguese. its a diner that has a portuguese section.

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      1. re: spork

        Melanie, I once said I had tried every place and you said my crawl wasn't complete because there was some place up north that had Portuguese food with some Spanish dishes, IIRC

        Anyway ...

        You haven't been looking hard, spork. Check Melanie's link for links to other Portuguese recaps. There's a pretty substantial Portuguese population. I haven't been responding, hoping something new would get posted.

        Most of the Portuguese food is in the South Bay. Lots of restaurants may not offer entire Portuguese menus but will have a few dishes. Here's the list of things Portuguese:

        San Francisco

        Grubstake - a few dishes, with arrangements they will make any dish on request

        Sonoma - La Salette, upscale Portuguese

        Ronhert Park - 9 Islands Bakery

        Half Moon Bay - HMB Brewery (a few dishes)

        Pescadero - Duarte's (a dish on Friday only)

        San Jose

        Sousa's, probably the most authentic down-home Portuguese

        Cafe Docanto - A coffe shop that will make you think you are in Portugual. I only wish I could talk one other person into going here. It is one of the best coffee shops in the Bay Area

        The rest are bakeries and stores that serve Portuguese foods. As Melanie said, Alum Rock in San Jose is the big Portuguese area. Then there are lots of Portuguese festas where food is served. The big one is in the summer in Monterey.

        Thanks for reminding me that it is the big time of the year for festas. Forty days after Easter, there are a lot of Feast of the Holy Spirit festas.

        Santa Clara
        Portuguese Bakery
        Neto's Sausage

        Rodeo - People's Market

        Hayward - Hiser Bakery

        San Jose

        Popular Bakery (the best of them)
        5 Star Bakery
        Mayolo’s Trade Rite Market
        L & F Fish Market
        Another small bakery near 5 Star

        Mountain view - Sousa's Wine & Liquor


        1. re: rworange
          Melanie Wong

          It seems the Spanish/Portuguese restaurant in Petaluma went out of business before either you or I had a chance to try it.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Sorry to hear that. Thanks. I can remove that piece of info from the back of my mind ... I HAVE tried it all ... well, ok, never got down to the Neto's sausage fry.

        2. re: spork

          "hate to say it, but the bay doesn't 'do' portuguese food... there isn't a population here. "

          ~40,000 in Santa Clara County alone doesn't constitute a population?

          OK, maybe it's not a large population, but larger than Japanese in the same county (under 30k), and there's no shortage of Japanese restaurants, is there?

          It's not the size of the ethnic community, it's the demand for thier food from outside the community. Sushi is trendy, bacalhau isn't.

          La Salette in Sonoma (technically on the square, now) is very good, accessible, and up-scale.

          Sousa's has been in San Jose a long time, and, I guess is more family/neighborhood - the 'Little Portugal' neighborhood, in fact.

          Grubstake I've only ever heard of, and it's in SF, so I'll probably never make it up there.

          The Portuguese community in the bay area is heavily Azorean and the three restaurants reflect that. Azorean is, well, I guess you could say "less Spanish" than mainland.

          Just like most Italian here is Northern - it's not any less Italian, but it might not be what you expect if you're used to a different region. If you tried portuguese food in the Ironbound, for instance, you'd probably find it different than here, since the NJ Portuguese came more from the mainland.

          1. re: Manuel

            Just wanted to report that I stopped by Joe Matos place last week to pick up some of the raw milk St. George cheese to take to a port tasting. The price has gone up to $6 per pound farm-direct now, still an incredible deal.

            Joe Matos Cheese Factory
            3669 Llano Road
            Santa Rosa 95407

            It's located just south of the intersection with Todd Road. You'll see the sign below near the road, then follow the long driveway all the way back.



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          Melanie Wong

          The Alum Rock area of San Jose is a Portuguese neighborhood. rworange has posted on several eateries, bakeries and cafes in that area.

          I like La Salette in Sonoma.