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Oct 31, 2007 12:44 PM

How is Cafe Flore?

Is it good for dinner? Comfort food?

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  1. their stuffed chicken breast is awesome! as are their soups.

    1. Are you talking about Flore in Silverlake? I thought they were vegan which would make coco's post about their chicken kind of odd. Unless we're talking about "chicken".

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      1. re: echo eater

        I thought she was talking about the one on robertson blvd. ????

      2. Hi Diana,

        If you're referring to the Cafe Flore in Beverly Hills (on Robertson), it's wonderful! :) I've found it to be such a delightful, relaxing little French Cafe, great for a Brunch or Lunch (never been for dinner).

        Their food is wonderfully prepared, and their desserts are amazing!

        1. YEah, the one one Robertson. There's one in Silverlake??

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          1. re: Diana

            it's a really nice neighborhood place with great prices. Don't go there expecting to sit eat and go. It is run on a more leisurely french schedule. The flemmecouche (sp) is a really nice meal and the burger is pretty good too.

            1. re: Diana

              Flore Vegan is on Sunset in Silverlake, seems to be full when ever I pass by. I have not gone because whenever I have finished eating at a vegan resturant I get this strange urge to want to suck on a stick of butter!

            2. I'm going to Cafe Flore for a friend's birthday dinner tomorrow night so I'm glad I found this post! I'll check here before I go to see if anyone else puts any more recommendations down!