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Oct 31, 2007 11:35 AM

Monkey wrench in plan- need to fill one dinner

Thanks to these boards I have an eating itenerary for my girl's weekend in SF. However, we had hoped to have a Friday night meal at Slanted Door and they are all booked. Right now, here is what I plan:

Thursday night- Bar Crudo

Friday lunch- Yank sing
Friday night-??

Saturday breakfast/lunch- Ferry building
Saturday night- Range

Sunday brunch- Canteen

We will be staying at the W. Friday night we will probably be going out in the Mission or the Haight. I am unfamiliar with SF neighborhoods and do not know what might be in the area. Things that were already ruled out for various reasons include: Delfina, Cantina, Boulevard, Ame, and A16. She is coming from NYC and I am having a hard time selling her on Italian.

Looking for fun atmosphere and good food.

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  1. Not in the nabe you are staying ... Aziza ... will be different than NY dining ... upscale Cal-Morrocan with great cocktails.

    Closer by to W (and DONT eat there) is Coco500. A place I find similar to the old version of Coco500 (Bizou) is 1550 Hyde ... nice reasonable wines, stellar California vendors for the dishes, great staff, nice neighborhood bistro feel and you can take the cable car to the door. A place I'm not personally fond of but others like is Piperade - Cal-Basque.

    If you choose 1550 Hyde ... if the rabbit is on the menu, it is wonderful.

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    1. re: rworange

      1550 Hyde, coco500, and Aziza are all great choices. OpenTable shows availability for all three this Friday,

      1. re: Morton the Mousse

        Thanks. I am actually looking for Friday the 16 of November so I would think that keep lots of things open (except Slanted Door, apparently!)

        1. re: Honey Bee

          If you really like the Slanted Door idea, they have a casual spin-off called Out the Door in the Westfield Mall. Full table service, lots of the same dishes but it's more casual, no view of the bay, no cocktails, faster table turnover, no big spender dishes (shaking beef). I really like the food at Out the Door and it's a great pre-movie, relatively cheap option but it might not be "special" enough.

    2. zuni friday night would provide a pleasant contrast to your lunch at yank sing.

      1. After looking at menus online, I really like all of your suggestions. In particular, Aziza, coco500, Bar Tartin, and 1550 Hyde look tasty. Of those, which has atmosphere best suited for two 30-year olds on a girl's night?

        Also, we both like good tapas. A co-worker recommended Cha cha cha, but the reviews here make it sound awful. Any tapa recommendations?

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        1. re: Honey Bee

          coco500 does small plates, kind of like California Tapas.

          Aziza has a great atmosphere for a girls night out - intimate, sexy, lively, fun and fantastic cocktaails.

          1. re: Honey Bee

            I have had girls' night out starting at 1550 Hyde a few times. Very fun, and a quick walk down to Polk Street with some fun bars.

            1. re: lamlex

              Can you suggest a couple of the bars you like on Polk?

          2. The W hotel is exactly one block down 3rd Street from Bong Su (3rd & Folsom). Many compare it favorably to the Slanted Door. Should be able to get either a reservation or eat at the really nice lounge. Contemporary Vietnamese food with a very hip and bustling lounge on Friday nights..

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            1. re: grubber4

              i had a group dinner there a few weeks ago and was rather unimpressed for the kind of money it must have cost. my experience may not be representative since it was a preset menu that was prepaid, but then again, it may indeed be accurate. by way of comparison, i consistently enjoy tamarine, bong su's sister restaurant in palo alto. however, i have not been to slanted door.

            2. I would suggest Myth or Blue Plate in the outer mission. If it is a nice evening, Blue Plate has a nice small patio.