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Oct 31, 2007 11:19 AM

Thanksgiving dinner

For the first time in many years my husband and I will be on our own for Thanksgiving and I don't have to cook if I don't want to ... any recommendations for a good traditional real turkey dinner (no place that serves only breast, please !).

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  1. Hi,

    I wish I had gone - but Hill's Cafe on S. Congress is supposed to have a great buffet at a great price.

    1. Hello!

      My friends have made a tradition of bringing their family in from Lake Charles (LA) to have Thanksgiving meal at Hoover's Restaurant on Manor Rd., east of I35. Check out their menu, and be sure to make a reservation if it looks yummy.

      Good Luck!

      1. We've been going to The Bakehouse on Manchaca Rd for the last few years. It's all you can eat, but they just bring it to you, no stupid buffet lines. You start with a plate, and then if you want more, she just brings it. The stuffing is the best I've ever had. It's cheap too. We already have our reservations for this year.