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Oct 31, 2007 11:00 AM

Trader Joe's Lentils...What do you do with them?

I really love Trader Joe's lentils. I've just been serving them with a little olive oil & lemon. Do you do anything interesting with them? Since you need to use them within two days of opening the package I'd really like some other ideas.
Thank you!

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  1. Are you talking about the cooked ones in the frigerated vegetable section?

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    1. I've recently discovered these and love them! Even though lentils are pretty easy to prepare from scratch, these somehow just seem so much more convenient. Anyway, I like to make a salad with them--halved kalamata olives, roasted red/green peppers, purple onion, grilled or steamed zucchini or yellow squash sliced thin, feta chese, and a lemon vinagrette with fresh herbs (oregano works well). Makes a great, healthy weekday lunch that tastes best at room temp.

      1. I just posted this on a different TJ's thread:

        I use the precooked lentils in the refrigerated section to make warm lentil salad, which is based on a recipe from Gourmet.
        Cooked a finely chopped red onion in 2 T. evoo with a couple of cloves of minced garlic, some thyme, salt and pepper until softened. Whisk together 1/4 c. red wine vinegar, 1 T. Dijon, S&P, and 1/2 c. evoo to make a vinaigrette. Once the onion is done cooking, add the lentils over med. heat to heat them up. Add as much vinaigrette as you like to the desired consistency. Cut a 1# kielbasa (I just use Hillshire Farms) into rounds and brown in skillet. Add the kielbasa with 1/4 c. chopped parsley to the lentils and you're done! An improvised bistro meal for a weeknight.

        1. I think these lentils are great, but I'd like to make them at home - does anyone know what kind of lentils these are and how you prepare them at home?

          1. How about lentil soup? I eat this soup on a weekly basis (as do most Greeks) usually for Wed/Fri (non-meat days).

            I don't use a recipe for it since I've made it a million times, but this seems to be closest to mine - some put vinegar in it in their bowl before eating; I love it this way, with red wine vinegar.


            Sidenote: Every Greek kid loves this soup, if not to eat it, to say it....when you pronounce it, it sounds like you're saying F-word soup. I think we all tormented our Mother's with that one....

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              You mean, sort of like ordering that French soft drink called Ppppsssccchhhiiitt!--- not sure how to spell it but tourists love to order it.