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Oct 31, 2007 10:55 AM

Earls' Bigger Better Bacon Cheddar 1/2 Pound Burger


I had a business lunch at Canadian chain Earls, and really enjoyed their Bigger Better Bacon Cheddar 1/2 Pound Burger. I was curious if anyone knows if this burger patty is made exclusively for Earls, or if it is readily available through food distributors like Sysco. I would like to use a similar patty for summer entertaining in my back yard.


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  1. how was it? cost ?which location?

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    1. re: John Manzo

      It's available at every Earls that I've gone to, JM. In fact, it's what I always order for a main. It costs $12.25 as of the time of writing.

      For all you Albertan and British Columbian Chowhounders reading this thread, both Earls and Joeys have pretty good burgers for chains.

      1. re: maclock

        tried this burger at earls in banff, aweful!! dry overcooked, bland bun. Yes it was a classic shaved, compressed grilled cow. How can a food forum even critique this crap????

        1. re: criticalcritic

          probably for the same reason you apparently ate comments on what one had where one ate as you just did

          1. re: criticalcritic

            I've had it a number of times here in Calgary. No complaints. I thought that it was pretty good for a chain burger.

            To be honest, dollar for dollar, I've enjoyed burgers at Joeys, Earls, Barley Mill and Fourth & 4th just as much as the much vaunted burgers at Buchanan's.

            1. re: maclock

              Had a terrible experience at Buchanan's last night - probably the last time i go there for burgers.

              In my complaining to my friends though, they suggested Buffalo Cafe in Inglewood. Anyone been?

              1. re: yen

                Only for breakfast, Yen. It was alright, but it's hard to mess up simple bacon, eggs, toast and deep-fried hash browns! :-)

                I don't know what the rest of the menu is like. My friends in the area like it, though.

                1. re: yen

                  I used to go there all the time for lunch. They have some nice wraps. Their coffee is good too.

                  1. re: yen

                    They told me to try the burger. If any of you get a chance to try it before I, please post back here! :) Thanks.

                    1. re: yen

                      the guys i work with and I are there once in a while for lunch. i've only had the wraps, but their burgers look decent, though i'm not sure they'll blow your mind. Good size, made from bison meat. and the bun is half decent (better than the weird glossy-looking thing you get at joey's, that's for sure).

                  2. re: criticalcritic

                    Although "on the record" Earls will only cook burgers to well-done, I was able to coerce my waitress (who in turn coerced a line cook) to cook mine to "medium". It was perfect, juicy and pink. It is a great burger with a quality patty, bun, bacon, cheddar, produce and condiments.

                    I've been to many iconic burger joints around the USA and Canada, and this burger is very comparable IMO.

              2. Earl's uses mostly organic ingredients on their menu. They were featured on a Chef at Large episode about restaurant management. That's some pretty expensive beef they buy, actually.

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                1. re: Shazam

                  I watched that episode of Chef at Large as well. It was titled "You Get What You Pay For". I agree with you, they were buying very nice meat.

                2. I spent 3 years toiling in Uncle Earls' kitchen, and if it's the same burger as it was when I worked there (moved on in 2004), it's compressed ground sirloin, no fillers. I think they were made by the same meat packers who cut all the steaks, I want to say Highwood.

                  I got to take some of the patties home when we ordered too much a few times, and I would not recommend them for cooking on a bbq or gas grill. The lack of fillers or binding agents makes them very delicate in the cooking process and they fall apart very easily. Earls can get away with it because they cook them on a flat top griddle that supports the whole patty throughout the process.

                  And I think Earls uses Bridge Brand as a wholesaler, so you might be able to get them there.

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                  1. re: Bobatt

                    Best place to cook a burger is on a cast iron frying pan. Sorry BBQ / grill fans. Just my opinion.

                  2. Interesting info. Did not realize Earl's was big on the organic ingredients - considering this, their prices are very reasonable!