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Oct 31, 2007 10:46 AM

Westchester Secrets?

Is there a restaurant you go to that no one knows, is underrated or you want to keep to yourself so it doesn't get spoiled (NOT)?? Ah, come on...they deserve the press!

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  1. Santorini (sp?), the new Greek place in Sleepy Hollow. It gets a lot of press on this site, but each time I go or pick up an order it is not as crowded as it should be!

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    1. re: tarrytown hound

      80 West, a seafood restaurant, I think, on Red Oak Lane in White Plains (Harrison?).

      I've read one blip on it and then nothing.

      Hasn't anyone tried it?

      1. re: dolores

        Isn't the Renaissance Hotel on Red Oak Lane in WP. Is it in the hotel?

        1. re: GIOny

          Yes, it's in the hotel. It replaced another restaurant that was there, whose name I can't recall.

    2. Village Cafe is a smallish restaurant in Bronxville, right across from the train station. They have wonderful salads, brunch and even their dinners are all very good. So far I haven't had anything I was disappointed in. Our only complaint is that service can be a little slow. Since they seem to do more lunch/brunch business, dinner isn't too crowded so they don't rush you at all, which I like!

      1. I wish there were. Hope you get some intriguing responses. Santorini, mentioned by tarrytown hound is definitely one though. It's really, really good and, when we were there - empty.

        1. Okay, it isn't a restaurant, but the Peekskill Coffee House has excellent coffee, tea, muffins and so on. It is a wonderful space, with great furniture and changing art displays. There's live music on weekends. It is my favorite spot in the county.

          1. On the Way Cafe in Rye - down Playland Parkway - good breakfasts. It's already busier than I'd like on the weekends but considering the lack of good homey breakfasts in Westchester I had to post. I tried because of a barely noticed post here about a year ago. The omelets and pancakes are really good. Not much in the way of atmosphere but it's fine, clean an a little bit quaint. Unlike Stanz in Larchmont there's regular table service and they're open on Sundays and school holidays. It's a good family place and better than most diners.