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Best SoCal rest. for anniversary dinner, other than Providence

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Looking for the perfect foodie couple anniversary spot in OC or LA, other than Providence. Price not a factor. Ideally, a restaurant where we would have bragging rights over other foodie friends, so either knock your socks off great, the next big thing, or a sleeper...Thanks in advance!

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      1. Try a tasting menu at any one of the following:




        1. Another choice for next big thing would be Bastide. But with price not a factor then I definitely think Urasawa would be the obvious choice as wilafur mentioned.

          1. Grace is great. And you can tell your foodie friends that its chef Neal Fraser actually won on Iron Chef America.

            1. melisse

              1. yeah, For bragging rights I'd definitely go Urasawa :)
                250pp sushi omakase menu, and hopefully getting to eat some fugu? Ultimate bragging rights :)

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                  Price has gone up to $275pp, and fugu hasn't been available in a long time due to the seizure of Urasawa's shipments. Still ultimate bragging rights!

                2. Bastide sounds like the L.A. choice. Orange County: hmmm, have you made it to Napa Rose yet?