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Oct 31, 2007 10:35 AM

Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill delivery rut

In a deep Carroll Garden/Cobble Hill delivery rut and looking for new alternatives. We tend to do a rotation of Osaka, Ghang, Zaytoons, Chicory, Cubana Cafe, and Coco Roco. Any suggestions for new possibilities? Places with healthy options much appreciated. Also we live close enough to western Park Slope that some 5th Ave places sometimes will deliver to us...


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  1. See if Nicky's vietnamese on atlantic will deliver to you. Besides the sandwiches (which are good) they have some on noodle or on rice dishes. If not, Hanco's on bergen is decent, tho i think Nicky's is better.

    also, we sometimes get delivery from chance. I stick to the apps and veggie sides and usually can have a nice meal. For instance, the lettuce wraps, the green beans, and a couple of dim sum are usually enough for two. portions are big.

    wish i could help more. you could always switch up your regulars, ie. 9-D for Ghang, that Healthy Pita place on smith for Zaytoons (you did say you wanted healthy, right? I've never tried it, but they market themselves as healthy) Cube 63 or Hibino for Osaka, and Nuevo Portal or El Cibao (if it's still there) for Cubana Cafe, which i think is mediocre at best. you could also throw some decent, though not outstanding italian american into the mix by picking up at vinny's (i don't believe they deliver.)

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      Other possible Italian deliveries - Fragole and Savoia are good and can be
      health(ier) if you throw in one of their salads. Fragole in particular has really interesting salads. Also Crave does a bit more upscale delivery (but cash only on delivery).

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        Oh yeah, I love fragole, tho I never get it delivered, only eat in. their salads are good.

    2. I second Chance - lunch specials are a particularly good deal. The "healthy" pita place on Smith is Pita Grill, which I prefer to Zaytoons but my bf does not. Waterfalls is also okay and they probably deliver to you. Union Smith should deliver to you - great macaroni and cheese, beet salad at dinner time, asparagus appetizer with bechamel + parm sauce. Depending on where you are, Downtown Atlantic might deliver to you, as might Tempo Presto. Lucali and Lunetta for pick up. Raga is okay for local Indian.

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        Forgot about Union Smith, but I second that. Not amazing food, but very very solid. Both their Hanger Steak and Rib Eye deliver really well when you're in the mood and too lazy to make it yourself.

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          Thanks for these suggestions. I'll definitely give them a try. When we first signed the lease on our apartment, we went to Union Smith to celebrate and were unimpressed, but it's probably worth giving them another shot.

          Anybody know anything about Naidre's sandwiches for a quick bite? I've definitely enjoyed some of their baked goods...

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            Naidre's sandwiches are a staple of my diet. I always forget the names but there is a wrap made with spicy hummus that is quite yummy. I also have the Tibble T which is a turkey BLT. They used to have a nice chicken salad, but I think they stopped making it. When I have a burger craving, I usually go there. They cut down on the other prepared food recently, which was probably a good idea. Although I liked some of them (turkey meatloaf) they used to sit around for a few days which I thought was sorta gross.

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              Naidre's is great but they only deliver during the week - which is fine. Practically everything they do is great - they only take cash though.

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            They have a really good salad nicoise - union smith that is an I second their mac and cheese - I prefer it to Chicory's which is more like a crazy custard.

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              Em for thai. Fatoosh for middle eastern.

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                I tried delivery from Tenda on Montague for the first time last night. The plus: 20 minutes from phone call to delivery. The minus: the food. I kept it simple, shrimp shumai (just not very tasty), and chicken teriyaki with brown rice, came with a small green salad. The salad, was too small. Chicken was dry, only like 3 pieces of broccoli. The brown rice was the only thing I was happy with. Can anyone comment on the rest of their menu?

        2. Chinese is awful in the area, but Lichee Nut in Bkln Heights delivers, they're probably a 7/10 for Chinese, but the best in the area. Also, Nine D for Thai food. Get the Tofu Spices, you'll swear you're eating meat, it's really good. The flavors reminds us of Gobo in the city. Also Jake's BarBQ if you want to gorge yourself. They have a grilled Salmon that's terrific.

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            Completely agree about Lichee Nut -- only decent Chinese food in the area and they deliver very quickly.

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              Also Osaka. There have been mixed reviews on the food on this board, but we've always found the fish to be v. fresh and the delivery prompt.

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                We ordered from Osaka until we discovered Ki on smith - so much better...also I repeat the Pit Stop has the best food for delivery.

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                  What do you recommend at Pit Stop?

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              We’ve had the sandwiches at Jake’s which were plentiful, but the sauces were on the side and not mixed in. Their baby back ribs were not very tender or that meaty, so I’d stick to the sandwiches. We did enjoy their potato salad and other sides. It’s not an authentic Southern rib joint by any means so don’t expect that. We still order from them because there reasonable and one can only take so much Asian and Mexican food.

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                Second that on the pork ribs at Jake's. I had them this week and was quite disappointed with the quality of the meat. I will not be back (but might try their Chinese food delivery).