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Oct 31, 2007 10:14 AM

Casual Lunch Near UPenn

My family and I will be visiting UPenn this Saturday as my brother is applying to school there. We know nothing about the area or where to eat.

I am looking for a casual place for lunch that serves American food (such as burgers, etc.), but am open to other spots if they are worth checking out. We want to spend around $10-12 per person for lunch. If necessary, we can drive since we have a rental car, but prefer to get a feel for places near campus.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Definitely New Deck! On Sansom between 34 and 36th

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      I second this. The food there is pretty decent, even if it is more of an Irish pub. (Don't worry; the food is mostly American, but there are a few classics like fish & chips.) After 4pm or so, your brother, assume he is underage as I think, won't be able to get in, but for lunch, you should be fine.

    2. Another slightly more exotic (and slightly less greasy) option is right next door (toward 34th St) at the Bubble House. Some interesting Asian-influenced lunches, and an excellent selection of teas.

      Here's a link to a somewhat out-of-date map showing eateries at Penn. It includes the departed Tony Lukes, but should serve your needs:

      Oh, and you can impress the guide with your local knowledge by dropping the "U" in the name of the place: it's just "Penn".

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      1. The White Dog is right on campus.

        1. It's family weekend, so things might get packed. If you do White Dog, do the bar menu, cheaper and more casual.

          You can always try any of the many food trucks on campus.