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Oct 31, 2007 10:13 AM

THAI in N.W. D.C.

Can anyone recommend a good thai restaurant (with carryout!) in Northwest D.C.


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  1. Regents Thai on 18th and T is great to take out.
    Rice on 14 Street is a little more eclectic but good
    Bangkok Bistro on prospect street in Georgetown is good as well

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    1. re: jrockeats

      Anything more toward the Bethesda area?

      1. re: beauxgoris

        Towards downtown Bethesda - I always stick with Bangkok Garden. Good stuff!

      2. re: jrockeats

        I 2nd Regent Thai. I also like Thai Chef because they have decent sushi as well as good thai food.

        Mai Thai also in Dupont is good as well...especially their drinks.

        1. re: jrockeats

          Regent is good? Interesting, i practically live next door to Thaipoon on S, so I really don't think about Regent. I will have to try Regent this week. Thanks!

          1. re: Cosmelvis

            I think Regent is MUCH better then Thaiphoon. Although truth be told I haven't been to Thaiphoon in ages. I always found their portions small and mediocre.

        2. Not near Bethesda, but I love Kanlaya in Chinatown. Great atmosphere and wonderful food. And they deliver (but I only live a few blocks away!).

          Kanlaya Thai Cuisine
          740 6th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

          1. Unfortunately the Thai food in upper NW is mediocre to bad. I'm thinking of Sala Thai in Cleveland Park, Jandara or Neisha in Tenley.

            Very sad situation, as I'm sure I could keep a good Thai takeout in NW in business all by myself.

            I've heard Busara in Glover Park is better but I haven't been there in years so can't personally vouch for it. Oh! Forgot there is a new place where Ivy's Place used to be on Connecticut Ave in Cleveland Park, it's ok, and that's probably where I'd go if forced to eat Thai in the neighborhood. But it's not as good as Kanlaya, Regent, Mai Thai, etc. There are just much better options downtown, see above posts.

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            1. re: sacrilicious

              We ended up at 49twelve on Wisconsin ave. Not bad for the standard fare. Pad Thai was excellent.

            2. I'm a little late -- and it's not near Bethesda -- but I wanted to chime in for Simply Home, at 14th and U.