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Oct 31, 2007 10:10 AM

How long will buttercream keep in the fridge?

So I made some cupcakes and plan to frost half with chocolate sour cream frosting (thanks to the "best chocolate frosting ever" thread) and the other half with almond buttercream. I made a LOT of cupcakes, and will serve half tomorrow (at school) and half on saturday (at a party).

I've already frozen the cupcakes for saturday and figure I'll frost friday night and leave them out on the counter (right?). But can I make enough buttercream tonight to also use on friday? Or do I need to make 2 separate batches? I'm assuming I'll need 2 separate batches for the sour cream recipe, but if I don't, I'd love to know more.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Most recipes I have used suggest at least a week under refrigeration and months in the freezer so you should be fine with a single batch.

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        What is the best way to freeze-in what type of container?