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Oct 31, 2007 10:07 AM

Is there anything good to eat in Jamaica Center?


I just started a new job this week...I'm working right off of Jamaica Avenue by 160th Street. I'm not very familiar with the neighborhood, and haven't done too much exploring yet. I took a look in the Jamaica Market Food Court...looked a lot like what you'd find in most malls. Is there anything worth trying in there?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'll be exploring on foot, so can't travel too far from work, but I would love any noteworthy suggestions (really, just something decent to eat for lunch).


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  1. 169th and Hillside (not very far at all. 10 min walk if you're a fast walker) has excellent Bengali places. Sagar, Ghoroa, there's a famous bakery there, etc.

    1. One of the better places is Rincon-it's pretty tasty, and it's pleasant to eat in (as well as take out.)

      There's a pretty good bakery-Kulka's 14717 Jamaica Ave at 148th...they also have an eat-in option.

      1. Hey,
        While not "haute cuisine", there are a lot of great places to pick a quick lunchtime snack of Jamaican meat patties (several varieties are available) in the area.
        In my opinion, the best can be found at A Taste of Jamaica on the Corner of Jamaica Ave. and 164th Street, but the several Golden Crust Bakeries in the area are almost as good. The closest to you would be at 169th and Hillside. Golden Crust also serves up several Jamaican dishes.
        There are also several little Carribean and Latin American Restaurants on Hillside in the area. In my opinion, Jamaica Avenue, as a commercial district, caters to the lowest common denominator--fast food and bad pizza places. Explore Hillside Avenue to find a gem or two.
        Is just me, or is it ironic that so many Jamaicans live in Jamaica, Queens.?