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Oct 31, 2007 09:53 AM

Best French Fries in Queens

I had excellent fries at Tournesol last night.
I've had them there before, amd they range from very good to perfect.
But are they the best in Queens? I dunno.
Any candidates for best french fries in Queens, besides Tournesol?

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  1. I haven't had the fries at Tournesol so I can't compare directly to them but my vote for best fries in Queens is at Mood in Kew Gardens. It's a modern American restaurant that gets little mention on the board (except when I try to drum up excitement for it!). The fries are outstanding. Crispy and thin but not too thin.

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    1. re: pellegrino31

      I had fries at both Tournesol and Mood. I would say Tournesol is slightly better. But can they beat McDonalds, that's a tough battle... :)

    2. I don't know if they're the best but I like the french fries at Rouge French Bistro in Forest Hills. Whenever I'm in the mood for a good hamburger (for lunch) with fries, I head to Rouge. I've never been disappointed.

      1. Try fries at any of Bukharan restaurants in Regostan. They sell them as a separate plate. I also used to like french fries proven├žale at La Portena (haven't been there in a while, so can't be certain now).

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          pretty good hand-cut fresh french fries at the various korean chicken places, such as UFC. it's a side dish you have to order yourself, as it doesn't come with the meal.

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            I have lived in Queens for all of my 36 years, and I've gotta ask... Regostan?

            1. re: irishnyc

              regostan probably refers to the large population of bukharian jews from uzbekistan in rego park.

          2. I love the yucca fries at Malagueta, probably my favorite in Queens.

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              Oh that reminds me - I really like the sweet potato fries at NY Style Eats. The rest of the menu leaves plenty to be desired.

            2. I do like the fries at Tournesol.
              But, if you want 'em FAST, try Joe's Bestburger in Flushing!