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Oct 31, 2007 09:53 AM

Weekend in Baltimore

The fiancee and I are visting next weekend from the Philly area. We're looking for some tips on restaurants/ bars that we must check out. We're staying in the Inner Harbor area and would prefer not to drive or taxi ( but would). Thanks.

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  1. The Charleston is a really nice place. Good, seasonal food, attentive service, and not crazy expensive, though on the higher end.

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      1. re: hon

        Well, yes, it's not cheap. I figured if they're just there for the wkend, they may well would like to go somewhere special. I had their seasonal 6-course menu w/accompanying wines (at $134/person), and thought it was a pretty good deal.

        1. re: linguafood

          Charleston is great. It's also the most expensive in town, but might not seem so high to our friends to the north. bd9, are you sure you're in the Inner Harbor and not Harbor East? Food in the Inner Harbor is not so good, Harbor East can be very good: Charleston, Pazo, Lebanese Taverna, Blue Moon Cafe for breakfast or brunch. At any rate, they're close to each other. You might also want to do a search for nearby Fells Point which has some great options.

          1. re: ko1

            The Blue Moon Cafe is worth it just to check out thier eclectic (to say the least) decor. Make sure to visit the bathroom while you are there.

    1. Can you give some more info? What sorts of things do you like? Are you here for something with a schedule, or are you pretty much open? How far would the two of you consider walking? are you looking for romantic places or more fun and innovative stuff?

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      1. re: JonParker

        I'm pretty open to all types of food, definitely more fun and innovative stuff. We've no schedule at all. We're staying at the Residence Inn on Light St.

        I imagine the places at the Inner Harbor are chains? I'm into more neighborhood-like places.

        Charleston does look very good. But a bit more than I'd probably like to spend. I'll keep it in mind though.

        Also looking for brunch and lunch suggestions. Thanks again everyone

        1. re: bd9

          The Bicycle Bistro is supposed to be good. There is also a good Afghani place downtown -- I forgot their name, but I'm sure the Bawlmer natives/dwellers on this board know what I am talking about.

          1. re: onocoffee

            I posted above about the blue moon cafe, but may have it confused with the paper moon diner. Does the paper moon have barbies as decoration. If so, that's the place I'm talkin about. Sorry for the confusion!!!

            1. re: diablo

              Blue moon vs paper moon....

              Blue moon = open 'til 3pm, excellent food, love it, in Fells Point so nice to walk around after. Not expensive.

              Paper moon = open 24 hours, decent enough food, interesting decor, not really near much besides Charm City Cakes and if you want to drive or long walk, Hampden. For dinner, go to Dizzy Izzys instead (burgers).

              1. re: Jeserf

                It was Paper Moon then. Have not been in a couple yaers, though. Thanks Jeserf